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Are you ungrounded?

Is there a record playing in your head? Skipping and replaying at the same spot? Are you having a hard time breaking that rerunning story in your head?

Many times when we are ungrounded and out of our bodies is when the story keeps playing over and over. It takes us over and prohibits us from seeing more clearly. WE can't get past that skip.

That skip can be found in the body via your energetic space. It can be seen as a hole in your auric space, a darkness where usually you are a colorful rainbow, This can be healed allowing you to be whole again!

You deserve to have your power, all of your power. You deserve to have your spirit and soul fully in your body without anyone trying to take it away from you. You deserved to be a healed and whole human being, here in this space and time.

A healing does not have to be painful and tortuous bringing up old triggers and past experiences, I can help you in a beautiful and delicate way to bring your space back to you!

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