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As we Evolve. The Balance between Masculine and Feminine Energies.

As we evolve, I am noticing a few patterns that I have began to observe my sessions with clients. This observation is in relationship to balance, specifically in the regards to Man and Woman / Masculine and Feminine.

Now let me say off hand this is not to written to offend anyone or cause a reaction. Instead, this is to look deep within what is occurring in today’s society.

Men and Women, Humans for that matter have evolved so quickly in the last few centuries. I don’t want to focus on the past, we all know fairly well some aspect of our gender roles in regards to history.

Rather I prefer to stick with the present moment. As an energy worker I “read” about 60% woman and 40% men, so this observation is relatively balanced based only on my experiences, through my sessions with others.

Today I read two men and observed another man in real time, aka life, all who of which were in reaction. They could not stop their reacting outward, gather themselves and ground their energy. They were all stuck in reactionary energy, like they were on a runaway train.

I observed that all of these men had something in common. Their feminine energy was more of apparent than their masculine within their chakra system. In the sense they were operating from their feminine energy more than their masculine, or without the ability to stay in balance / centered. They did this so much so they were all coming from a reactionary space, things that were done to them, things they did to themselves, all of what I observed was pure reaction that appeared to be out of control and freezing them in time.

Flashback to when I was a teenager dealing with hormonal imbalances as my monthly cycle would ebb and flow with each passing month learning each cycle how to deal with the hormonal imbalances. These were all adults between their 30’s -60’s!

As I dove deeper, I was aware that they were operating from their feelings, which are found primarily in the second chakra. All were all operating from their lower 1st, 2nd & 3rd chakras, living primarily by these chakras alone as they were moving through their day to day lives. They were having a reaction based on a thought(s), feeling(s) and many emotions that became overwhelming for each of them that it had frozen each one in an individual reaction that they couldn't get out of.

Two of these men were labeling their sexuality. As I rambled on that it does not need a labeled, to express love to anyone, love who you wish, love someone who will be your perfect mate no matter the gender. Love is Love! Some could comprehend that, others could not.

Now the women that I “read” on the other hand have tended to run on both masculine and feminine energy. Depending on circumstances; what is occurring in their life at that present moment. The goal-oriented women (more career centered, independent, driven, having trouble finding a partner) ran on more masculine energy and the more feminine woman were working on balance, trying to bring in the masculine with fear of going overboard or would lean more towards the feminine qualities to the point they are unsure how to move through life all together (part of the masculine energy helps with that guidance).

In either case, the awakening moment I had, was that we are all in essence are seeking balance of both the masculine and feminine energies, we are all attempting to find our center. The place of unity within each of us. Unfortunately, not everyone received the memo.

This balance is meant to be found on the conscious, more spiritual level. We are all seeking our equilibrium, our yin to our yang, but somewhere in our evolution some of us began to lose our spiritual aspects of self.

So, what are we left with the Ego, The Personality, and our Physical body running the show. This is where I see what is happening on the surface level of some human beings who don’t know which way to turn. They jump deep to the right (masculine), then deep to the left (feminine) never finding that centeredness within.

My perception is that individuals who cannot comprehend this on the spiritual level; that we are both masculine and feminine already, that this is innate in us, part of our energy body are trying to obtain this on a physical level, through the alterations in their body, which has them mutilating themselves without awareness of the consequences as they continue to evolve and age. Hence the rise in “varieties” of the human that are being created and formed, through transitioning the body, rather than themselves.

This is even happening to children, who have not fully developed. Who have the need and the desire to find out who they are and with parental support! I am sure most of us toggled back and forth between masculine and feminine energy as we were growing up. I remember in my first year of college an assignment we had was to paint a version of ourselves as the opposite sex. Embracing the other you that sits within ourselves already present. I mean I can’t recall how many times I would wear a tie to work because I thought it was cool, those pencil thin black ties in the eighties with my shiny pink button-down shirt. It actually felt empowering as I moved my masculinity inward as a form of expression of self.

This is normal as we begin to grow, we are playing dress up, doctor, teacher, artist which helps us decide how we wish to express ourselves and it assists us with providing creative play for our spirit in order to develop our personality. It is the easiest way to show our individuality, our uniqueness and creativity as we move through life.

We are a walking canvas, sharing our creation of self! What’s wrong with that?!

We try on many versions of ourselves in order to find our balance. It wasn’t very long ago that people were beginning to be accepted for who they are not what they looked like, expression of self is a beautiful thing and what a blessing that is that we can be a part of it in this present moment.

Many times, this is just not enough. We don’t weigh the risks and the rewards not only to our physical bodies, but to our psyche and our spirit.

The one subject that is going through a huge over-hall is spiritualism and religion. For many they have seen through the veil of what religion holds and once you catch a glimpse of that it is hard to go back. But spiritualism, spiritualism is different. It is who we are. Every religion/practice, had one thing in common, this is where I give them a high five; they all had reflection, prayer and aided us in finding the center within ourselves.

Be it Judaism, Catholicism, Buddhism they all permitted time to reflect, observe, slow ourselves down and just sit.

Ideology and beliefs did their best to take us there, but know we need to take ourselves inward in order to meet ourselves, that is part of our life purpose. You are your church, you are your home, you are all that is!

Like a bird leaving the nest we have to do it with our own will or get pushed out.

We are moving and evolving faster than we could even imagine. Technology has become the new spiritualism. Our selfies and addictions to the devices we use draws us into relationship with our egos. With social media, everything is exposed, plagiarized, and has become a breeding ground for people to get so wrapped up in the screen and who they are viewing, they have lost themselves. For what a million followers?

Technology has become the drug, the virus. Not for everyone, but for a large portion of the population.

They are no longer searching inward and reflecting who they are to themselves. Rather they are reaching outward for validation, accolades and attention.

Now when the pandemic hit, many people got stuck in the program on a global level. Think about it this was the first time that practically the entire planet was heading into a system reboot, collectively. This was a GLOBAL LEVEL! We were fed fear, instability, anxious energy as we maneuvered through the program trying to get our groceries, drive our vehicles, being forced to stay home, detaching from the world around us as many plugged into the programming that was being streamed 24/7.

On the other hand, there were others who “woke up” got the bigger picture and fell into an awakening over those 2 years of finally having permission to go in