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Grounding, Dig deeper (Part 2)

So you mastered the first step! Yippee yahoo, so happy for you! Now let's dig a little deeper!

  1. So run your energy as you do in the first exercise, up, through, around and down...up, through, around and down....keep that going!

  2. Now we are going to add Universal Source Energy, Yum! You are going to pull four points of energy from the Universal Source Energy (aka all the energy from the stars, sky, solar system, infinity), I like to select star systems that I have connected to, sometimes individual stars...

  3. Your going to bring two strands of this Universal Source Energy into the left and right side of your spine where the skull meets your spine.

  4. These two strands will seamlessly connect to one another on either side of your spine (I like to actually see them running through the spine where your nerves and plasma run)

  5. Bring that USE energy all the way down to your tailbone where it meets your Earth Energy at the tailbone.

  6. Envision them combining together into a pool of liquid/ether/plasma combining the Earth Energy with the Universal Source Energy.

  7. Once you feel the "pool" of energy combined, bring it up through the front of your body, allowing it to permeate your chakra system. Let it pour out your arms through your hand chakras and like a fountain flow outward through the crown located an inch above your head!

  8. Keep that going, feel it, envision it, play with that....Keep the energy flowing and growing through your entire body!

Step 3 more to come!

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