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How to overcome limiting beliefs?

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

What is a limiting belief? How does it stop us moving forward? How to kick the programming?

Often times we operate from limiting beliefs and many times this is not even our belief system, rather one we have adopted from another. Usually these limiting beliefs have been placed their from our caretaker, family member, someone who had an impact on us in our youthful life as we were developing.

The veil can be so fine sometimes that we don’t even recognize that it was entrained in us, we tend to adopt the philosophy that the belief is just an aspect of who we are. I am here to tell you that it is not.

A limitation places something in your space which makes you less than the being you are meant to be. It holds you in place as a story line may play over and over in your mind that you are not able to succeed, shine, flourish and grow.

We are constantly evolving and what was good for one moment in our history does not necessarily jive with the lifetime we are living through presently. We are a different generation from our parents and their parents before them.

Through the lineage, programming gets downloaded into our code, our structure. We are the generation who is here to change the codes for the generations to come.

By getting to know yourself on a deeper more intimate level you can begin to ask yourself if you hold any limiting beliefs and just observe where and what you may be holding.

It could be a limiting belief that women cannot have a successful career and be self-sufficient, men could have heard their single parent telling them men are no good, it can even be that you heard you will never lose the weight, you’re just big boned. Whatever these limiting beliefs are, they stopped you by creating a sort of imaginary net that catches you every time you attempt to break the belief system, the entrainment.

The thing is that we may not even know we have a limiting belief until we bump up against that net more than once. It is the repetition of the same experience occurring over and over that is our warning cry to take a look at what is holding us back.

It is not necessarily only ourselves, but the beliefs that came along for the ride from our previous incarnations too.

How to remove them? Well the good new is once you see the limitation you can shift it, move it, bury it and put it away and throw away the key.

The important step is to walk all over that limiting belief, drop the net and stomp it out. Amusement energy is a great way to shift energy. Visualize your limitations as mini series and you are wearing your big ol’ boots, I love that song, “Your boots are made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do…one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you!”

That’s right by stomping on that limiting belief, you are OWNING YOUR SPACE you are taking control of your own life, placing yourself in the drivers seat so hang on!

As soon as the beliefs are no longer a part of your program, just watch how you will shift, grow, adapt, modify and overcome. Just observe how you are there for yourself first and foremost and you will overcome!

Have more than one limiting belief, hey we were raised by caretakers that had their own stuff going on and operating from a different vibrational frequency than the world we live in today.

Just take care of ONE limiting belief at a time. When you’re done with that one and you have “mastered” stomping that one out, then go to the next one. Trying to do all of them simultaneously may have a effect of chaos, which in turn makes it challenging to ground and is like sabotaging yourself.

Don’t push yourself, just thank yourself for taking the first step.

Once you kick that can out of the ballpark, the next one will go much more smoothly.

Give it a try. If you get stuck you can always reach out and we can stomp that limiting belief out together!

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