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Three Avenues for Change!

One of my favorite authors and teachers is Cyndi Dale, she explains energy in the simplest of forms, that many can grasp.

This morning I wanted to share what she calls the Three Avenues for Change.

For decades we have been programmed we have to work hard, through our elementary school years all the way to adulthood. We are showing this is so many aspects. So then we begin to seat that program into everything in our life. We have to work to clean the house, we have to work to keep a roof over our head, we have to work to heal, we have to work to have our bodies feel better. This list goes on and on.

Who implanted this program? Who did you allow to change your story? Is there another way? Can you feel the yes?

Through Magic and Miracles, not only can you manifest change, but it can be done in a much lighter way! Who said spiritual healing has to be hard!

Who's story is that?

Through magic you give permission to allow others to help you. To all those people who think you have to do it on your own, let me tell you, you did not manifest yourself here and now alone! It took two people to to create you, to hold you during your birth. This is another fable that we "have to" do it all on our own.

By allowing others to help you, you open the door to more possibilities.

Working through the spiritual plane with another person or persons allows you to work on the higher frequencies in your energy system. Combining ether and earth energy can allow change to happen.

We forget about Miracles! They are placed here to allow us to move further along on our journey. For Miracles to occur, we have to move out of our own way, stop self sabotaging, stop demanding that we have to have a particular outcome, marry that specific person, get that exact job, force everything to fit within our box.

By making all these demands you block your spirits flow. You work and work to get a desired outcome and miss all the miracles that surround you!

Yes you can have your dreams and desires, but GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!


Have Faith!

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