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Why on Earth do I not feel like myself?

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Why do we sometimes take on other people's energy?

Ahem, well for a number of reasons. Guess what we can also give away our own, just like a seesaw going up and down, until we find that middle ground (aka Ourselves) we will continue to experience this merging of energy in some way shape or form.

What if it doesn't feel good anymore? What's next?


The first thing you need to do is reflect. What is the reason why we may take on someone else's energy? "Typically" it is fear based. Somehow we begin to feel secure and safe when someone else's energy is in our space.

I mean we are born into a family where energy is constantly merging within the household for most of us. You begin to absorb the energy of the family unit at a very early age. Perhaps you began taking on your mother's depression to make her "feel better" so you began healing her at a very early age, feeding your energy to her, taking her depression energy into your own body...maybe if you were trying to connect to your father, who could have appeared to be distant and you desired his love...possibly even to your sibling who you connected to so you were not in this family telenovela alone.

We began absorbing other people's energy whether we were aware of it or not. This merging can continue within our friendships, relationships until we begin to "wake up" and view the bigger picture that lies ahead of us.

When you Wake Up you begin to notice a few things...

  • What you are feeling is not your own. They are not your feelings. (Example: you begin to cry when you have nothing to cry about, it just came out of nowhere).

  • You are triggered by an unexplained situation that forces you to react in a impulsive manner. You may look back and wonder why you actually reacted a particular way.

  • When that someone is not around you may feel a bit strange like something is missing. You have lost a piece of you.

  • Though you may be unhappy in a relationship you choose to stay with it even when deep down you know it is no longer serving you.

  • You keep acting a certain way. No matter what you do you can't shake the behavior.

  • You just don't feel like yourself. You may reflect on a childhood aspect of yourself when you really felt like you and wonder where that being went.

  • You have taken on a personality trait of say your mother, friend, life partner and can't seem to shake it not matter how hard you try.

These are some examples of what you may begin to sense and feel. But what is next? How do I "Regain my OWN ENERGY"?

Well you ASK FOR IT!

Connect to the Divine, The Supreme Being, God, Source Energy and ask for the assistance in order to separate your energy from anyone else's energy!

Center yourself and ask yourself a few questions...

-Why do you believe this person's energy merged with yours?

-Why did you absorb the other person's energy?

-What purpose did this serve at the particular moment?

-What did this merging of energy take from you?

-Is it serving you now to hold onto this energy?

Ask yourself as you communicate with the Divine to see clearly as to what you thought you would receive by merging these energies. What was the purpose and what were you meant to learn by having this experience?

When you have finished reflecting, release that energy that is not yours and is no longer serving you. Ask the Divine to heal your energetic system, your Spirit and your Soul. Ask to cut any cords, contracts and strong holds that may be trying to keep you from regaining all your energy.

If it helps envision a color or colors (maybe fresh grass green, gold and pink) and see those colors filling your space and healing you! Or perhaps you see a symbol or a sign. Implant that in the location where you felt the most healing occur. Solidify your energy to run at the vibration of you, commit to your Whole Self. Feel what is like to come home and be in your body without any energetic influences that are not your own!

Send love and blessings to yourself and the Divine for all the work you are doing FOR YOU on your Journey!

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