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Are you curious how to align your chakras? With this PDF version you can learn how to align your 12 chakra system, working with each individual chakra one at a time.

You will be provided with a list of questions you can ask yourself as you move through each chakra, while working with front body and back body chakras. 

You can follow along at your pace, pausing the audio at each chakra location so that you can follow along all the way through the chakra system. 

I will share with you the techniques I use in sensing the chakras, what to percieve and how to stay centered during this exercise. 


I mention first and foremost this is not something that can be done quickly. Rather you will need to take personal time for yourself so as not to rush the process. 


Please see the diagram below, as well as in the PDF for a visual description of the chakras and their location in the body.

How to Align your Chakras / The Written Version

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