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This meditation is not designed to replace, blame, discount the parents you incarnated into. Rather it is here to assist you with moving past experiences that may not have served your highest good in regards to love unreceived, lack of attention or development, having to adult yourself at a age when you were not prepared to do so.


This meditation will help you move beyond the issues you are facing in your present life that have been affecting you since you were a child.


Whether that is craving love from a parent who could not provide love in the manner you needed, you having to become a caretaker for your parent or siblings when you were not ready, validation from a parental figure who left at a very early age. Whatever the case may be this meditation is here to assist you so that you can move forward in your current timeline.


At any time, you can pause this meditation to take more time for reflection. This meditation is 20 minutes in length. 

Meditation to heal Parental Wounds

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