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Many of us learned to ground to the earth through our feet, just think of mountain pose or tree pose. This meditation will have you lying comfortably on your back on the floor or yoga mat. Yes you can bring your creature comforts with you! You may choose to have pillows supporting your knees or head, your eye mask, the choice is yours.


In this meditation we will be using a new set of roots to plug us into the Earth so that we can heal various areas of our body where we may be holding onto stuck energy, limiting beliefs, strongholds, blocks or implants. 


This 40 minute guided meditation will bring you through the stages of healing with the use of your Higher Self, your Soul and a wand. The wand is a tool that is used to scan the physical and etheric body that you can use outside of your meditation space if you like as well. 


I hope you enjoy this meditation and that it serves your highest good on your journey in your life!


Warm Wishes, Tricia 

Plugging into the Earth and Clearing Stuck Energy Meditation

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