Your Energetic Toolkit

Learn more about energy work

 In these workshops you will have the opportunity to learn the tools you need in order to support yourself and others through meditation, instruction and group work. Each workshop builds upon the other giving you time to practice and experiment along the way.

In this 4 session series you will learn how to ground your energy, work with the chakra system, the aura and the hara line, as well as begin to learn and work with your intuitive tools.

This class changed my entire life! I went from having some good days, to ALL good days! If you suffer from depression, look no further.  This class is for you! 

I look forward to it ALL week long! 

If I can do it with 2 small kids running around, you can definitely do it! 

Jessica Aydin

Each Workshop is composed of 4 sessions, that will meet 1 day a week for 4 weeks on an online video platform. Each session runs between 1.5-2.5 hours. 


Links to join will be emailed directly to participants. Varied time frame is to enable, you to work in groups, participate in Q & A, based on the weekly topic. How on Earth can you time Growth! 


We will focus on a specific guided meditations each week, that will take you deeper into the connection between our physical body, the etheric body and your intuition. At the same time we will begin to learn more about our etheric body (chakras, hara line and aura) and the tools that can assist us in our day to day lives. 

Note: Each session builds on the next. Because we will be working individually and in groups you must be able to attend all the workshops. There are no make up sessions at this time. Each session is a prerequisite for the next. 

Participants will receive emailed recordings of each meditations we do together, as well as the videos of the workshops and pdf documents that correlate to each session. That way you can practice in your own time!


Workshop 1- Digging In
Date to be determined 2022

 4:00pm Pacific/5:00pm Mountain/6:00 Central/7:00pm Eastern


$100 when you sign up before deadline

$125 after... Deadline for registration TBD

Because we will be breaking out into groups we will need a minimum sign up of at least 6 people, the more the merrier of course!

Currently I have 4 individuals interested! NEED TWO MORE TO SET UP A DATE!

Potentially Tuesday Evenings! 

Thanks for submitting!

Upon submittal you will receive an email with payment options, you can also make payment in the "Bookings" section under workshops.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly via email or phone. There will be the option to pay in full or make a deposit and pay the balance prior to the start date.  There are no refunds, so please be certain you can participate prior to registering.