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As a professional Psychic, Spiritual Medium, Energy Worker and Healer, I have been on the path of assisting others since 2000. My passion for helping people has led me to develop my gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, and Claircognizance. My ability to connect with the spiritual world is unparalleled, and my healing techniques have proven to be highly effective. By working with me, you'll receive a unique and personalized experience tailored to your individual needs, so you can reach the spiritual breakthrough you've been searching for.

My passion is to help people like you delve into their energetic bodies and release the blockages that affect their physical and emotional wellbeing. My readings go beyond the traditional approach of analysis, and through my gifts as a psychic intuitive, I tune into your energy and guide you in creating the balance and alignment you need. This will have a profound impact on your quality of life. I invite you to experience our services to start your journey to healing and enlightenment.

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Tricia George Energy Work and Healing


As an intuitive psychic and healer, I am passionate about helping people transform their lives and reach their full potential. When we absorb energy from others, it can leave us feeling drained, overwhelmed or uncertain. My approach to energy work and healing aims to help you let go of any negative energy or self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back. By identifying and clearing energetic blockages, we can work together to unleash your inner power and set you free.

Energy Work and Healing is here to support you on your journey of self-discovery and healing. Whether you're looking to improve your overall well-being or seeking answers to specific life challenges, I am pleased to help you dive into your own energy at your own pace. Contact me today to learn more about how psychic intuitive readings and energy work can enrich your life.

I look forward to working with you! Tricia

Connect with Your True Self through Psychic Intuitive Readings

If you live near Placitas New Mexico, you are welcome to schedule an in person session. 

You can also choose to book a phone or Zoom session below through my website or if you would like you can text me via What's App, text message or call me directly.

I can usually get back to you within an hour. 


For international sessions we can use What's App or Zoom

There is also the option to record our sessions

please mention in the notes when booking!


Book your In-Person, Over the Phone or Zoom Sessions Below
Sessions are booked in Mountain Time Zone

sessions in April 
zoom & phone only

sessions in April
zoom & phone only

At Energy Work and Healing, I understand that life can get in the way of our scheduled sessions. That's why I offer clients the opportunity to reschedule their appointment with me, as long as it's done with no less than 24 hours notice. Just give me a call or text me, and we'll find a time that works for both of us. Please note that if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you may lose your session entirely.

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Is Energy Work and Healing for me?

An energy reading can be an excellent way to gain some perspective in your own life. You are able to get an overview of a particular situation, a set of conditions, or general life patterns that may not be fruitful for you any longer.

As a professional Spiritual Medium / Energy Worker, I love being able to help my clients identify what is interfering with their personal lives, their success, and what they can do about it. This is all done through tapping into your personal frequency. We look at your current life path, where you may be holding energy in the body and more.

I go into each individual chakra, working with the 12 chakra system of the body. By tapping on a chakra I am shown through a variety of methods any blocks, holdings, strongholds, misalignments of the chakras and more.

Most people feel lighter and more sure of themselves after just one reading! 

If time allows we can go over your current Spirit Guides, Teachers, Masters, Gatekeepers and Loved Ones. 
I am so pleased to make such an impact on my clients lives each and every day. Together we shift your space so you can grow!


  • Energy sessions are best done in a place where you can be private and undisturbed so you can hear the information in a safe environment. You want to be settled, not rushed and be open to the information.

  • If you wish for a specific individual to "come in" during the session it is best for you to say hello to that specific person, just by speaking to them and inviting them to the session prior to your appointment. 

  • You may ask for a specific sign, symbol or other expectation, but it is best to have a open heart so that you can receive any information that may come through. Just as you cannot control the narrative of life, you can't control the narrative of Spirit. 

  • Guides, Teachers and Loved Ones will come in and it is not always who you would expect. Try not to have any judgement. The way you remember someone who you shared this lifetime with may show up differently as well. They grow and evolve just as we do. 

  • If you don't want to know specifics or touch on old traumas, please let Tricia know ahead of time.

  • If you have specific questions, you will want to write them down ahead of time. Recordings of the sessions are advised if you wish to reflect on the information at a later date. Sessions move quickly and you may want to process the information again. 

  • Any additional questions prior to session? Please reach out to Tricia directly. 


Tricia George

You chose to incarnate at this current time, why not step into the fullest aspect of yourself and assist all of humanity in awakening to the collective consciousness!

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By participating with Energy Work and Healing you understand that you are working with a psychic intuitive and everything is done for your highest self. All comments, healings and communications are for your spiritual growth. It is here for you and you alone. This work is not meant to replace a medical doctor in any fashion. By booking a session you are consenting to work together with the physical and etheric energy systems within the body. 


You are welcome to schedule your session at Tricia's home, located on Mustang Mesa in Placitas, New Mexico. Please ensure you allocate enough time for your journey, as it's possible that you may encounter a herd of wild horses that roam around Placitas on your way to her home. Once you arrive, you can park your vehicle in the driveway and you will be greeted by the horse Ghost, painted on the garage. It's important to note that reservations are required, and we cannot accept drop-ins.

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