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Thank yourself for following your spiritual journey

I started this journey for myself over 15 years ago. I always had "the gift" to see, feel and observe things around me in the energetic planes, and when I began to connect the dots that's when it all came together for me.

I welcome you to taking those steps on your path.

Here at Energy Work and Healing I wanted to be able to help others on their spiritual journey. This could be done in only one intuitive reading, where your energetic subtle body is awoken to all its possibilities. It can also be done with multiple sessions, to allow your space to heal and begin to learn what all of this is about.

Why do we have reservations sometimes about doing healings for our energetic space? Because as humans we like things that are predictable for the most part and we are a bit hesitant about the "unknown". It is in the unknown where we really begin to see ourselves and the unlimited space we have.

By clearing our energetic body, we are in essence giving ourselves permission to grow. This is a beautiful and intimate space that I assure to you is held in the greatest honor when it comes to assisting you on your path.

May you flourish and thrive on your journey and if I can assist in any way please reach out. Warmest Regards, Tricia

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