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Be your own Super Hero!

Live your like as if you are a "Super Hero", what do I mean by that, well most super heroes have a super power and you do too! Whether it is your intuition, your ability to communicate while being conscious of the person you are speaking to, heal others through love or laughter, we all have a "special ability".

When you come from your Super Hero self, you are being a conscious human being, all Super Hero's are aware of their surroundings (their auric space), they are grounded (so they are ready for whatever comes their way), open (able to see through anything in order to find the truth), keep their energy light (so they can leap tall buildings in a split second).

When you are not "feeling" like your super hero self, you feel: lethargic, not like yourself, heavy, tired, sad, get the idea.

So why not be your authentic self? What is holding you back! Come on Super People, show your super heroness and fly!

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