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Boundaries and the Auric Field

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

We all have the capacity to pick up other people’s energy in four ways:

Physically – Mentally – Emotionally – Spiritually

We need to learn how to create healthy energetic boundaries in order to keep harmful or unwanted energy out of our space. We need to develop the capacity to attract what is best for us on our journey, but deciding individually what WE CHOOSE to bring into our lives.

Just take a moment to think about it:

What type of people do you associate with on a day-to-day basis?

What do you think about daily? Are there thoughts that constantly encircle your inner dialogue with yourself?

Are you in the driver’s seat of your life situations, or have you handed over the wheel to someone else?

Do you give yourself permission to go inward and be yourself? Or are you constantly busy doing mindless tasks?

Everything we do in life, all the experiences we have are set in place to help guide us along our spiritual path.

In essence you want to find a healthy flow of energy between Yourself and the rest of the World, this takes healthy energetic boundaries!

Why would you choose to allow someone in your life that does not have your highest good in mind? Why wouldn’t you choose this for yourself?!

Now I understand we have people in our lives here to teach us lessons through experiences in family, school, work and day to day situations, but ask yourself do these people SUPPORT me as a human being on my path?

Be honest with yourself as you reflect on all your relationships.

What are your answers? If you get a “no” for anyone of these relationships, ask yourself if you have healthy boundaries with those same people?

Sometimes, we have no choice but to “deal” and “accept” that a disgruntled co-worker is just that and they have no boundaries, so they leak their negative mojo everywhere and with everyone they come in contact with. This is where boundaries are critical.

YOU have to learn to PROTECT your energy body and FEED your energy with what your SPIRIT and SOUL needs versus what is NOT healthy for you.

You need to begin to discern this through your intuition and your inner knowingness.

If you wish to grow on your spiritual path you need to begin to open up to YOURSELF and your INTUITION and for goodness sakes TRUST YOUR GUT!

Begin to draw like minded people to you, new friends, create your own family, find a healing modality that serves you and that resonates with you.

Begin to remove unhealthy people from your space!

We are constantly receiving information through our twelve auric layers. This is our filtering system. This is how we learn how to discern what serves us and what does not. This is where we begin to develop our own energetic boundaries for our interactions with ourselves and others.

Our aura is a permeable membrane that needs to be cared for and charged in order to protect our etheric and physical bodies through boundaries. It is a literal force field that is here for us so that we can process information as we move through our daily lives.

When experiences get stuck in our aura, they can affect our boundaries. It can be a negative experience, an unhealthy living environment, a single traumatic even, or whatever the situation is, it impacts us through our auric field. These events can affect how our auric system supports us or could possibly stop the functioning of our auric system all together.

When there is dis-ease in our auric field and our boundaries have been violated our aura and our body react.

We can tighten up and become a rigid character. I am sure you know someone who has their walls up, making it hard to connect to them, they can be cold as ice, so that people do not get too close to them. This rigid character can in actuality become self-sabotaging as the wall does not permit beneficial experiences to come to them, whether it is through relationships, finances, career development and more. They block out anything from coming in good or bad.

On the other extreme one may become wishy-washy, where your aura is like a plate of Jell-o moving this way and that. You let everyone in and everyone out as “they” please. You have no boundaries; you are like a revolving door. Not only do you let people in you let people take all your life force energy. This is an individual who feels they are helpless and are constantly being taken advantage of, feel they are weak, never get what they need and give all their energy away.

These are the two extremes here, there are lots of in-betweens.

Begin to look inside yourself and just perceive which category you lean towards most. Then begin to observe as you move through your day-to-day relationships with other and MAKE A DECISION for YOURSELF! Do you want to continue on this route you have chosen or do you prefer to take a turn that is just up ahead?

The decision is ALL YOURS!


protect your boundaries

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