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Breaking Free: Embracing Courage to Live Life Without Fear

I had the opportunity to experience a coyote run through 7 lanes of traffic that was steady and a bit relentless. I perceived that most drivers didn’t even notice the coyote as he sprinted fearlessly across the freeway. I was in awe when I saw he made through unscathed, as he ran up into the hills he turned back and we had a direct connection. I was the first vehicle on his right that was conscious of his path and when we acknowledged one another after his safe passage, with just that half a second of a glance at one another, he provided me with so much information about himself.

This was not his first rodeo, dogging the vehicles, he was older and quite large, but the strongest sense I received was that he was courageous, conscious and aware of everything around him. He knew when to slow down and when to sprint with each passing lane.

In a matter of seconds, I learned a beautiful reminder as I reflected on the experience during the rest of my drive.

When utilizing our tools starting with courage and fearlessness, we become steadfast towards a particular outcome or direction. It is the breaking through the fears, the feelings that keep us down that are the largest hurdles for us to pass through, but once we break through and live from a state of courage, we stop second guessing ourselves and go for whatever may come our way.

To overcome the fears and the programming that our caregivers provided to us in order to keep us safe and have the capacity to rewrite our own conditions to which we live life is a courageous act.

Why because we dwell in the unknown with an awe of life experience, with excitement in regards to our next steps on our journey, with our own terms, with an embracing of the unknown. We come to the recognition that we are supported by ourselves, the Earth and the Supreme Being, ALL THAT IS.

To face our next steps with fear, many times we will choose not to change for fear of the unknown, but those fears will ALWAYS be greater than the outcomes that we experience. They are put in place to keep us small, tucked away and hidden.

Through courageousness alone, this is your portal through to all the other higher vibrations. Through courage you can overcome events that you may not have experienced otherwise. Once you breakthrough, there is no turning back. Actually, shifting in your Spirit and Soul connections gives you the ability to live fearlessly. It is like reprinting your own DNA.

How do you do this when you are afraid?

By taking small steps. By paying attention and recognizing the signals your body is providing you, allowing yourself to feel those signals (typically that’s your feeling and emotions, sometimes showing up as physical symptoms), process them and move through them is the key to the portal to transform and raise your vibration in order to break through to courage.

We all have our time of transition, nothing in this world is fixed, permanent or forever. We are shown this with each passing day, through the outside world as well as the mirror we view ourselves from.

It is a matter of embracing the life experiences rather than hiding. Overcoming what may have once held us down in order to experience the beauty and signs that surround us.

Many of you do not know my story, but there was seven years of challenge, living in an unsettled state, not knowing where my head would lay for the evening, wondering if I would be sleeping in the back of the truck, to be awoken by officers asking me to relocate my vehicle, wondering who would let me sleep on their floor until I could find a more permanent situation. Scurrying to figure out how to shower my entire body and not just the little bits. Having enough money to survive, while still working in a career as a full-time artist. I would always remind myself that I was free, adaptive and would reflect on the hundreds of others in the world who still had it much more challenging than myself. I would tell myself every day I will overcome this, that these experiences are here to make me stronger, that I needed to be steadfast in order to continue my career during these unsettled times.

I always laugh when I remember the time my sister said, “For a homeless person, you sure eat healthy buying grapefruits at Whole Foods”. It always makes me chuckle, I knew I could not jeopardize my health back then, I would think to myself, I may be homeless, but I am not helpless.

Needless to say, that time of my life was the most challenging time in my lifetime to date and at the same time the most rewarding time of my life. It provided me the opportunity to truly get to know myself, strengthen the aspects of myself that needed attention and live fearlessly! I learned how to love myself fully and not compromise myself for anyone, at the same time cherishing the lesson of forgiveness and non-attachment.

If I did not have that experience that taught me how to maneuver through what life provided me on a daily basis, I would not be who I am today. I felt that each of those seven years healed my entire physical and etheric bodies. To have no attachment to anything, to surrender to the spiritual path that I was led down and to trust that I was guided each and every day to exactly where I am today is a miracle and a blessing to me.

Please, for yourself take the risks, the steps to live your life as fully as you are capable.

Resist the living in a shoe box mentality and move beyond. Not for anyone, but yourself.

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