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Connect to the Big Blue Planet!

This meditation is designed to connect yourself to the Earth in a new way! Many of us forget we are moving on a living, breathing Planet! We get so wrapped up in our day to day life that we take for granted or feel we do not have the bandwidth to connect to the Earth as she supports us in our day to day activities. This meditation has been developed just for that, slow down, find a quiet place where you wont be disturbed and give a gift to yourself and the Earth!

Enjoy the ride!

Either lay down or sit with your feet flat on the floor.

Begin to breathe in calmly,

Be aware of every breathe,

every sound that emits from your body

as you breathe in and out

Begin to become aware of the places where your body is touching the chair, the floor, the Earth.

Feel that connectedness,

That penetration of one element, your human form and the element of the Earth that is touching you.

Feel the Earth’s breath, her pulse

Begin to synchronize your breathe with hers as she supports you and holds you.

As you begin to give love to the Earth, she begins to give love to you.

Receive this loving, supporting energy from her.

As you begin to relax, deeper and deeper into the Earth, begin to receive the information she shares with you.

She has much information for you. What does she say? Is there anything she asks of you?

Perhaps the Earth only asks for mutual support, love and compassion.

Just listen for the Earth’s message.

Feel your roots, whether many or few, as they go into the earth connecting with her as you both begin to support one another.

Allow yourself to be fully held by her.

Now begin to move the Earth energy within your body allowing it to ebb and flow,

In and out.

As you merge your energy with the Earth’s energy, moving inward to receive and outward to give

You begin merging with her, no longer seeing or feeling a separation between the two of you.

As you become one with the earth, feel the calmness, as a blanket over your skin.

The decompression of your body.

The release of everything you have been holding onto up until this moment in time.

Allow that which no longer serves you to flow away from your physical body and into the Earth.

Here it can be recycled, being swept away through the channels of the earth, water and air.

Feel the lightness now of your body, like moss that gently lays at the base of a tree.

Cool, soft, delicate; not gripping only gently resting on the Earth’s surface.

Begin to receive the nutrients from the Earth, as she begins to fill up your energetic system with the food for your spirit, soul and physical form.

Now open your inner eye and look up.

What is it that you see?

Are you nestled amongst the aspens, the redwoods, is there only blue sky above or are you able to see the innumerable stars floating within the nights sky?

Hold this place in your heart center, as you begin to come back to your body.

Slowly transition from this intimate moment with the Earth and yourself.

Wiggle your feet, your fingers, your nose.

Gently waking up from this moment you have taken for yourself and the Earth.

Committing to support one another while you are on your journey.

Much love.

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