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Dignity and Grace, HOLD that HEAD UP HIGH!

Dignity is not a sense of pride one has in relationship to the ego, rather it is the ability to respect oneself and walk through your life knowing that you no longer need validation from others and that YOU are moving through your life with Integrity and Grace.

You sit with your knowingness that your physical and energetic bodies are complete and balanced as you hold your centeredness.

The imagery; walking through a crowd of unsettled people, no longer reacting to them rather holding your own sovereignty within. Not participating in the programming that is designed to keep you in shackles, rather breaking through those shackles and walking fearlessly through fire, knowing you will not be scorched, bearing witness that the fire was only an illusion.

There is nothing or no one who can strip you of your dignity without your own consent. Love yourself more than ever! So much so that no one can take you out of your center. Be the unlimited being you were designed to be!

Stand with Grace!

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