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Feeling Stuck? How about a road trip!

I believe we are meant to have experiences so that we may grow, expand ourselves and learn through those experiences. There are times when our energy may appear stagnant, especially during the current situation. We have been ebbing and flowing with lock downs, shelter in place orders and more, the words alone can cause a sinking feeling in our auric space.

We are meant to move, travel and explore. We have been doing just that for ages! Many of us forget about the ability to just take a different road, have a new experience, and I bet just an hour in any direction can give you just that!

By moving, we are raising our frequency. Whether it is through walking, bicycle, motorcycle or car they all raise your vibration in your body giving you more space to be and find you!

I recently purchased a set of roller skates, yep that's right, skates! I bought the pads, guards and I have been laughing with myself for two weeks now. I am relearning how to move and shift in a different way! Is it intimidating? Yes. Is it fun, Yes. It is raising my frequency, hell YES!

And why not! Shift your energy and shift your space! We have so much time right now!

Get in the car and cruise that country road, that highway! Explore!

Did you know through energy work we actually make more space for you together. Think of me as your tour guide, guiding you through your own energy system! Clearing out what you no longer need and filling it with light and love!

Photo by Vova Krasilnikov from Pexels

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