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Hara Line Meditation

Place your feet flat on the floor, start to draw the earth energy up your feet, activating the 10th and 11th chakras, as you start to feel the energy moving upwards.

When you are ready begin to bring in the Universal Source Energy from the crown chakra and set your crown to gold.

Ground your energy with all the tools you have learned so far.

Grow your grounding cord to the width of your hips when you are ready.

When you feel the frequency shift and your vibration rise,

Begin to pull the 4 points of Universal Energy into your body near the back of your head where your spine meets the skull.

Allow two channels to run and cleanse either side of your spine,

Feeling any blocks or stuck energy being dislodged with every breath you take,

as you keep this energy flowing downward on its way to meeting the Earth Energy in the pelvic region.

Allow the Earth Energy and the Universal Source Energy to combine into one and when you are ready, send this energy up the front of your chakra channel.

This energy will feed and charge all your chakras, as you begin to allow it to flow freely and smoothly through your system.

Begin to allow this energy to clear your first, second, third and fourth chakras.

After you have cleared your four lower chakras,

Allow 80% of this energy to flow down your arms, out your fingers and the palm of your hands.

Feel the energy shift in your eleventh chakras located in the palm of your hands.

The other 20% will move through your fifth, sixth and seventh chakras creating a sort of funnel effect

As this energy filters into your auric system.

Now take a moment to check in with each of your chakras starting with 10th at the base of your feet all the way to the 9th three feet above your head.

I will give you time to check the size, color and spin and clear out whatever is necessary.

Take your time, do not rush, we haven’t cleared our system in a while. I will give you time to do this.

When you’re ready to proceed, begin to check the alignment of your chakras on their channel that connects to the earth and the sky.

Feel the supported quality within this connection to all that is.

We are going to plug all our chakras into this channel like a strand of Christmas lights starting at the first and making our way to the 7th. You will do this from the back body and the chakra channel/tube that connects all the chakras together to one another.

Just set the intention to hold this aligned and centered space as we move forward.

Next, we are going to say hello to our first auric layer right next to our skin.

We are going to begin to move inward about 2-3” from the front body.

Ask to be shown your Haric line channel sitting in front of your Chakra Channel.

You may see this as a milky color, gold or silver.

This is your channel for your life purpose, what you came here to accomplish and do.

This channel also connects into the core of the Earth and reaches out into the Universal Source energy.

You can envision a funnel four feet above you head, receiving energy.

Today we are going to connect all our Dantien’s and the Core Star, eventually synchronizing this channel with our chakra channel.

Let’s say hello to the first Dantien.

This is the flow of our energy, our inner source, our power.

The first Dantien is located 1.5-4 feet above your seventh chakra.

You will have to pay attention to the subtle energy here because these three lines of energy are just like a subtle film, not necessarily visible, but more of a feeling

Take a moment to locate these three lines.

You can envision them as a crown, three rays of energy, the choice is yours.

Here you are connecting to Spirit, the you that you chose to incarnate into the here and now.

Check to see if they are centered, uniform and even.

If you cannot see anything you can call these three rays into your space and set them in place and charge them.

The second Dantien is located in the upper chest bone right above our heart chakra.

This Dantien will resemble more of a pearl.

Begin to search for this pearl and see where it is located.

Is it outside the body?

If so where and what side?

How does it feel? What color is it?

Here is where you place everything you have wished to accomplish in this lifetime.

Sometimes, when we feel we are not living our life’s purpose, this Dantien may not be seen within the body, rather you may find it outside of your body.

By placing this pearl back on the Haric channel you can set it and set the intention to follow your life path.

You can ask your highest self to show you what you may have forgotten.

Either way you are connecting to your life purpose.

The third Dantien is located near our naval, about 1 inch below our belly button.

This pearl will be seen in reds, oranges and yellow

Here is the seat of our inner power.

Take a moment to locate this Dantien,

Again, if it is outside of your body, bring it into alignment with the channel, filling all the spaces around this pearl.

This is where we can generate enough power to move heavy objects, move energy with an invisible force and heal others with our inner power working together with the Divine Energy.

Finish up any work you need to do

As we move up into higher vibrations, the energy will feel more subtle than the chakras. It is much lighter and etherical in nature.

When you’re done,

Check the alignment of all the Dantien’s and feel them operating in unison with one another just as you did with your chakra channel.

Our next step is to align our chakra channel with the Haric line creating an inner seal between these two channels that run through our physical and etheric bodies.

The final element is to energize your core star located within the Dantien’s channel.

This is located between the second and third Dantien in front of the solar plexus, about 1.5-2” above your belly button.

Begin to scan for the core star and make sure it is plugged into the channel and aligned with the Dantien’s.

Its color should be a gold to a violet flame color.

Your Core Star is your Soul Purpose, who you came here to be in this lifetime in the here and now.

It connects to your previous incarnations in some way, perhaps through relationships, career, life experiences, but this is Soul’s Divine Essence of being.

Now ask to see what size your core star is.

Is it tiny like a marble? Or a tennis ball?

Just give it a try

Expand the size of your core star till it touches your auric layers, allowing it to expand outward.

Feel the sensations within your body.

After the expansion, begin to bring the core star inward so it is aligned with the rest of the Haric line.

Feel the unity within your entire etheric body and just recognize what feels different.

When you are ready, Open your eyes, wiggle your fingers and your toes.

Connection of the Hara LIne
Hara LIne

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