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Healing your Inner Child

The inner child are the aspects of ourselves who have been locked up within our chakra system. They were not given the permission to "grow up".

Because of a experience they had, they were unable to develop fully because they had a emotion (a thought + a feeling) that told them they had to "protect" themselves, have "fear" about a certain situation, or "shelter" an aspect of themselves which then froze them in a particular space and time.

This can make our adult selves feel lost, unsafe or crazy at times without knowing the "cause".

We can heal our inner child with the help of our Adult Self and our Divine Self. How.... By following our intuition. We all have intuition and when you touch on your intuition at the same time you are working with your chakras you will touch on your: thoughts feelings sensations imagery

Through these elements we can receive the information necessary regarding what we have been holding onto that is causing our inner child's issues and bring that information to the adult self and Divine Self.

This way we can in a sense "clean house" allowing us to see how this has affected our adult self and our current circumstances and heal that space/experience/trapped emotion and come from a much clearer space.

This Cleaning House will allow our inner child to feel more stable, secure and safe. They will stop yelling, being reactive and forceful and allow us to bring in a lightness, playfulness and joy!

Thanks to Sharon McCutcheon and Katie E from

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