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Live with LIGHT!

Do you walk with a weight on your shoulders or...

Light as a leaf?

How we show up in the world is so significant to how others see us.

The beauty of showing up as leaf, is to envision the unlimited colors (frequencies) we can hold. Why not move in this higher vibration with people as you interact with them. Just give it a try! Walk into a space being light! See and feel the difference. This is not meant to come from your egoic space, rather from your heart space. As you walk down an aisle, can you send love to each person you see, in an intuitive way. Feel your love radiating outward to them, just touching them lightly with a loving hello.

The majority of us have been walking around wearing a mask for over a year now, but that doesn't have to stop you from touching others hearts. Do you notice that you tend to walk differently with the mask on? I began to and then I decided to make a choice, to still radiate light and shine smiles through my eyes! To laugh whole heartedly in order to shift the energy when is becomes heavy with others emotions.

As a leaf you glide gently, touching the wind, water and earth. It moves, it flows, not holding on, rather releasing. Leaving minimal trace and touching your surroundings ever so delicately.

Thanks to Mitchell Luo for this image from

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