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Relationships are our best teachers

Understand now that everything in your experience is a life lesson here to assist you in your development. What an honor I say to have these experiences and continue to grow and move through more learning. This learning allows us to raise our consciousness, our frequency allowing us to move forward in our day-to-day life from a higher awareness.

Every individual you come across is here to teach you something. Sometimes it will be a short connection, let’s say you’re walking across a busy parking lot and suddenly someone stops to let you cross, there you make a conscious connection with that being and can make it fruitful with an acknowledgement, a nod of the head thank you, a wave, a smile, but recognize that his being saw you and consciously decided to stop for you, what a gift! By you recognizing that individual you too became conscious and made a connection, you can choose whether that is a higher awareness connection through a smile or a wave or come from a lower consciousness by not even acknowledging the being who stopped “for you!”

Other relationships may be placed in our lives to learn more about ourselves. Perhaps someone pops in and out of our lives for a short period of time, could be a family member you don’t see often, a co-worker, someone you need to associate with to get something done. Maybe there is a little bit of tension or a bit of irritation, ask yourself why. Why is there some grit to the relationship?

What do you need to look at? If you are not receiving an answer keep asking yourself more questions, like who made me feel like this in a previous relationship? What feels familiar? When have I and with who did I have a similar reaction? Did I become tense? Did I put up a heart wall? Am I clenching my jaw? Keep asking yourself, look towards your body and ask yourself where you are feeling the tension when you are with this individual. Your body is your receiver, it holds all the information subtle or loud!

What I am getting at is even though it may appear subtle, the relationship creates a trigger and it is about recognizing that trigger and finding the key to where that began in your life of relationships so you can grow and heal it.

Can you recall an individual in your life that you shared time with (mother, father, siblings, classmate, coworker) where the initial response began and set you on this journey to feel this abrasion with another. It will keep showing up again and again with others because we have not finished learning our lesson. We need to go back into our library of experience and find what I call matching pictures.

Matching pictures are when you have a similar experience with another. Maybe you both had to grow up relatively quickly at a young age or you both had very similar experiences in your past that you see reflected in the other. If you are feeling grit, I can guarantee that the other person you’re interacting with is also feeling some sort of grit. It’s like rubbing two pieces of sand paper together, it is irritating and noticeable.

That grit, is the same grit that can create a beautiful pearl if we allow it and get out of our own way and honor the lessons we are meant to be learning.

We need to continue to allow our beingness to unfold and allow the growth to come.

When you figure out what the “trigger” is through recognition we can understand the lessons connected to the event and move through it with acceptance, forgiveness and adjustments of ourselves.

Once you “see” what you are meant to learn you can move forward leaving the pearl in the hands of the other as well as yourself and allow the relationship to move forth together as a gift.

Any adversity in a relationship no matter how long, how intense, how deep, how short is a learning experience. By being open to it we also receive a gift of learning more about ourselves and our path on this Earth plane.

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