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"Unlocking the Power of Subtle Energy: A Beginner's Guide"

The subtle energy body is the subtle, intangible energy that moves within and around us. It is an energy that we can learn to harness and work with to sense the energies that are not ours (foreign energy) and the energies that belong to our energetic system. By distinguishing between the two, we can quickly identify and clean foreign energy, moving it beyond our auric layers.

To work with subtle energy, we need to gradually get to know our subtle energy bodies. We can do this by taking the time to say hello to them, asking questions, and learning about them, just like we would with a new acquaintance. This way, we can work with our chakras and aura and teach ourselves to recognize and sense the subtle energy within us.

Despite the fact that we cannot see them, we all have a chakra system within and an auric body that moves around us. With practice and guidance, we can learn to sense each of them. To get started, we can activate the eleventh chakras in the palms of our hands by rubbing them together until we feel warmth and a tingling feeling. Then we can use these chakras to sense the energy of objects around us in relation to ourselves.

For instance, we can sense the energy of a table by holding our hand 2-3 inches off the surface and feeling where there is a slight resistance in the air before physically touching the table. This helps us understand how to locate our own energy field. This is the beginning of working with subtle energy, and with practice, we can learn to sense and distinguish between energies that are not our own.

We can feel energy instantaneously when we enter a space that is not our own because we are picking up on the subtle energy of the environment around us. Whether it is a feeling of discomfort or a sense of connectedness, our intuition is at work, helping us sense the subtle energy in our surroundings.

Another method of applying subtle energy is through the use of the imagination pathway. We can imagine our higher self, our healing guide, or an illuminated wand connecting to this energy as we stay in a meditative state and begin investigating ourselves. Starting three feet above our head, we can ask ourselves questions about our subtle energy, such as whether our ninth chakra is spinning and which direction it's moving. We can also ask whether our soul is in our body, whether our aura is surrounding our body, and whether we feel any blocks in our body.

Based on what we notice, we can observe and sense changes in our energetic space as we ask our guide or tool to assist us in cleaning out that area. You can try this with a friend or family member or your pet. Just rub your palms together to activate the hand chakras and sense where the edge of their aura lies. Do you feel any spots, blemishes, debris, or leaks in the aura? Can you set your chakras to heal and run your hands over that area and sense the differences that you have been able to make, all through intention?

Working with subtle energy requires practice and familiarity, and the process of recognizing and working with it is ongoing. By practicing and learning to sense the subtle energy within us and in our environment, we can work with our chakras and aura to promote balance and healing in our energetic space.

Just as with any new skill consistency is the key. The more you feel, the more you learn, the more you see!


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