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What are Energetic Cords?

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Energetic Cords connect us to one another through our Chakras.

By healing the cords and cleaning them up you can actually change the experience of that relationship. Say for example you feel them heavy, looking like a root, a cable, you can energetically clean it up with your etheric hands, a sticky rose, or a tool of your own creation.

You want to clear out the ridges, it may appear like razors, thorns, just clean it and as you clean away the layers that are unhealthy, begin to envision a size and a color that appears healthy to you.

Types of Cords

Soul Cords- Connect us to the Divine, Supreme Being and our Gatekeeper.

Connects us to people we have known in previous lifetimes (when you have that feeling like you know someone from before, but you can’t place your finger on it).

Past incarnation Cords (Earth or Elsewhere) – You may be drawn to a particular era, planet, hobby from earliest of our years and onward. Tapping into the life experiences of previous incarnations and utilizing that information in the current lifetime.

Genetic Cords- First begin before conception takes place, where we are selecting our parents. It is then connected to the mother and the father through the egg and the sperm from the heart chakras, hence conception. You are connected to your birth parents through all of your chakras, same as your siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, all the lineage through your blood line. This line/lineage connects all beings together to one another, it is a network of genetic connections.

Relationship Cords-if you are adopted you will have cords to your new parents and your birth parents.

Relationship cords have to do with the nature of each relationship you develop in your life. You can begin to create relationship patterns early on. Every new relationship creates a new cord. It is a mutual sharing at energy.

Cords can become unhealthy- stop the other from moving forward, co-dependency, life becomes a pattern/cycle, rather than a flow, the relationship can become a form of depression, resentment and anger for the other, one individual can drain the other. This can be seen as dark, woody, heavy, bloody, torn, shredded and broken.

Healthy cords can be seen as healthy vibrant colors, clean, clear, beautiful, malleable and smooth.

So, when we are in a long-term relationship for example, we are growing cords from all of the chakras connecting a web of strands to one another. This is what creates the deep intimate relationship or the tearing energy as in a divorce or separation.

This is one of the most painful ways for cords to be damaged through a trauma. It can be divorce, sudden death, abandonment. Without these being healed they are hanging in our auric field waiting and longing to be healed (see the second image below). When touched slightly by a memory, conversation, it immediately brings up the “feelings and emotions” from the time the cord was torn or severed.

These cords must be healed or reabsorbed into the body the structure to heal. This can take years as you remove all the damaged cords.

The second example below shows a chakra that has been damaged due to a energetic cord that was torn out of the chakra. The cord was pulled out from the other individual and was left. Rather than being healed in a healthy manner.

So in this case let's take our long term relationship once again. If the person who decides to "end it" does just that and severs the relationship, the other individual who wanted to stay "connected" will be the individual experience this tear with the cord dangling within the chakra. The individual may wonder why they are still missing that person, they don't understand what's happening and just can't keep moving on in a new direction, rather they stay stuck in longing, desire, hopelessness and depression. This is because the cord has not been healed. The chakra is damaged and needs to be restructured.

Because we have been in relationship there will always be some sort of cord with that individual, but it can be made as small as a piece of golden thread so that it effects us less and less. The key is we have to not only heal the physical body but also the etheric, they work hand in hand.

Chakra examples and cords

How to cut energetic cords?

In my interpretation the cord between any individual and another will always be there. You were in relationship with a person, whether it was long term or not. There was a connection. This connection can be related to a cellphone signal, you may not call someone any longer, but when you see their name in your cellphone, instantly you have a picture of that person, a feeling possibly of the last interaction, as you begin to recall that information, you may even hear from that individual in the next few minutes or days depending on the etheric connection you had with the other.

What can I do then to heal the cord?

You can use visualization techniques or work with an intuitive in order to heal the cord and make it as small as possible. Usually I bring the cord into a new light, as a thin thread to gold and clear out any additional murkiness from the cord. This way it is healthy and less triggering.

Do adopted children have cords with their birth parents? Yes

Do artificially inseminated children have cords with their biological parents? Yes. Just as adopted children are corded to their parents, the same holds true for artificially inseminated children. They are connected with a cord through their DNA strands. This can be healed as well. Many times when I am working with individuals who have been adopted or inseminated , I can actually witness two sets of parents. The present parental unit may have problems with the adopted child, where it appears that no matter what they do or try nothing helps specific behaviors. This can be cleaned up on the etheric level working with the child or the parents through proxy.

If you cut an energetic cord what happens to the other person?

Well, they can sense that and feel it. When I work with something like this I heal both sides of the cord so that both individuals can move forward.

Where do energetic cords attach?

They attach to the chakras. You can have multiple cords that build up over time that can look like an electrical power line cable. Usually someone's second chakra cords will follow the path to the other persons second chakra.

Can cords be found in all the chakras? Yes

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