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What is Energy Healing? Where are We Headed?

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

What is energy healing? How do these two words combine into a modality to live by?

Energy Healing is the capacity to understand that there is more than one aspect of the self.

Yes, that’s right, most of us operate from our physical form aka our body because we can see it, feel it and experience joy, love, hate, and a myriad of feelings through it.

But we are also energy. We have an energy body as well. The problem is that most of us have been living unaware of it.

The good news is many of us are WAKING UP to it!

We also have a Spirit and Soul, all of these element’s work with one another and are not separate from each other. We are like a flavorful dish full of aromatics and flavor! All the ingredients are needed to be the fullest aspects of ourselves.

Everything we do in life has to be done fully, the same holds true for energy work and healing.

When you realize that what you cannot see, feel, taste, touch can be assimilated into your energetic system, you begin to realize that you are connected to something far greater than you could ever expect.

That greatness is called Consciousness.

Awakened Consciousness is when you move through your life with a knowing and a sensitivity to all that is. Allowing the energy within and around you to feed your energetic body. By connecting to the Earth and the Universal Source Energy you are beginning the process of Energy Work and Healing.

So, reflect on this, here you are born on Earth, growing on Earth, living on Earth, experiencing everything for what you think is the first time. This is what I call the “Leave it to Beaver” era.

We operated under a system (for many of us this was our parent’s generation), where life was wake up, kisses on the forehead goodbye, go to school or work, come home to dinner on the table, go to sleep and repeat for at least five days out of the week.

As time moved on, we felt that something was missing, we were longing for more, this couldn’t be it. We wanted to live more freely, more open, searching for whatever it was our hearts were longing for. Free love, free sex, freedom. We broke out of that system and kicked out poor old Beaver to the curb.

This has been going on for centuries, for lifetimes, since the beginning of time, but just as history is told through the lens that we have been given, so has the information about our true selves.

The thing is the puzzle pieces have been there all along, we just have to put them all together through awakening ourselves, research or with like-minded individuals!

As energetic beings, our energy, selves, humanness is still evolving. It is an amazing time to be alive as the clouds are moving out of the way and many of us are waking up to the fullness of who we are meant to be.

That fullness is the awakening to the knowingness that we are energy before we are ever matter. That we are not the only beings here on this one planet in our solar system and that we are ALL connected to all that is.

That we do not need the help of the internet that is plugged into each of our homes, but rather our own Internal Neuro-link Network that runs through lines of energy from Earth to Infinity and Beyond and back again!

Realize that what we are learning here on the Earth is all about limitations of the physical gravitational system. We need to learn these things for the life lessons that our Soul is obtaining in this lifetime, but we also need to recognize that our Spirit is the one who has the capacity to Soar! We are expanding! It is our energetic field, our energy body, that has the capacity to touch other frequencies of energy and it doesn’t cost $107 a month from Xfinity!

So where to start?

Begin by realizing you have only been taught half of your story. That all those things you can’t see in the physical are still there in the energetic space that encompasses you and flows through you and everyone else.

Understand that we are all connected to one another, equal to one another, begin to live through your energetic body, operating from your heart chakra, rather than your head!

By consciously raising your vibration, you can alter the rest of the people who surround you!

As you awaken you will awaken the others!

Just as the rain falls into the ocean so does our energy fall into one another, you have to open to it. You already have the key!

Let go of all the walls you have set in place to keep you “safe” and explore yourself!

Have the experience of all emotions, feelings, sensations and begin to observe yourself!

Come from a place of knowingness, even if you don’t know! Pretend that you do! Your body doesn’t know the difference!

Raise your frequency, vibrate through the energy of love of self, so that you can share the abundance of love within you with others!

Wake UP!

Stop waiting for it to happen to you, get up and start shifting your energy for all of humanity!

It is after all what you came here for! Start living the FULL LIFE!

Energy Healing

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