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Why does the spiritual path seem so difficult?

When we choose to heal our spirit and our soul the road usually takes a sharp curve into uncharted territory. This transition time is a sort of reboot of our system, as we are being taken out of our comfort zones and diving deep into change.

I mean why does the spiritual path have to be so difficult?

Let’s face it many of us were raised by humans who didn’t have their lives together. They were going through their own issues, facing the demands of life or zoning out of life because reality was way too heavy. Whatever the reason is or isn’t they did the best they could with the tools they had to care for us.

We chose to incarnate into the family we selected in order to learn some life lessons and those lessons shaped who we are now.

When you enter the spiritual path, you are in essence deprograming the program that you learned early on in your life. Remember no one is given the handbook to this life, never mind having to raise a little being!

As a child you may have learned that the only way you could receive any attention from your parents was to say that you were not feeling well or maybe by behaving badly. Whatever the case may be we figured out ways to get attention, whether it was positive or negative it doesn’t matter, attention is attention, it reminded us that yes, we do exist and yes, we are a part of this family unit, no matter how functional or dysfunctional it may appear.

We were in survival for most of our childhood, running off the lower three chakras for the most part, dealing with our thoughts, feelings, emotions, insecurities, control issues and loss of power. By focusing only on the lower three chakras we dwelled in our ego and what we needed to survive in whatever family situation we dwelled in.

But our ego can only take us so far, it is always wanting and can be like that fly that just wont leave you alone, buzzing around your head.

Whatever it may be, you were being given signs, heard your intuition (yes that voice inside your head) that you decided to ignore, dealt

with many life changes until BOOM, you couldn’t ignore it any longer.

You were forced to change, to wake up, to become the fullness of the being you were meant to be. I swear if you ignore the signs/symbols/flashing lights and sirens, the noise just gets louder and louder, forcing you to pay attention!

By this time, we may be scared out of wits, not knowing which way to turn, but we need assistance! Some of us die hard people will do everything in their power to make the shift, they will read every self-help book, go to various spiritual retreats, gurus, events, whatever it takes to help us in this transition. What do all these things have in common?

Going Inward!

You have to look inside yourself and be honest with that person who looks back at you each and every day in the mirror. Yes, that is right, it starts with honesty. You have to stop making excuses for yourself, let go of any attachments you may have and by all means drop all the expectations you have for yourself and others.

Accept yourself 110%!

Exactly as you are right now!

Throw all the judgements, blaming, in the trash and create a contract with yourself!

That contract is to be the best human being you can be for YOURSELF at this present moment. That’s it!

Be open to getting know yourself, loving yourself and for goodness sake accepting yourself no matter what!

This has to do with your will! Our back chakras all have to do with our will:

Our Will to survive, that’s right you are alive right now

Our Will to feel all that is and no longer stuff our feelings into our body

Our Will to move forward and know you are on our own unique path

Our Will to love ourselves and others with an open heart

Our Will to manifest, speak our truth and not hide ourselves

Our Will to see the road that is for us and us alone (no this is not selfish this is self-care!)

Our Will to trust that this life is connected to the Source Energy of all that is

What do you have to lose?

Or should I say look at all you have to gain!

To be the you in the fullest sense that you can be! To experience this life in fullness, passion and grace.

To understand that this change of self is the greatest gift you can give yourself!

It is why you are here! It is your Life Purpose!

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