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Unlocking Inner Energy: Understanding the 12 Chakras and Their Functions

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

What is a Chakra?

I don’t know if I can actually say enough about the chakras, but this will be more of a summary just to familiarize you with each one, their properties and how they interact with our energetic system.

I tend to follow the 12-chakra system, as that is how I taught myself early on in my journey. Chakra in Sanskrit is defined as a wheel or energy center. My best analogy for a chakra is an ice cream cone without the ice cream. Each chakra is made up of a number of ice cream cones that for the most part spin clockwise in our energetic system. A healthy chakra tends to move clockwise and can fluctuate in size, but I tend to see a healthy chakra about eight inches in diameter.

When I do my energy work, I am saying hello to each chakra, each cone within the chakra and taking a peek into the client’s energy system. Each chakra holds its own information, spin and frequency. They work independently of one another and at the same they work harmonically together. When they are aligned in the body and in synchronicity our energetic body is like a well-oiled machine.

Most of us are familiar with the 7 chakras located in the front of our body.

For the 12-chakra system, some are located inside the physical body, as well as outside of our physical body.

The first is the sacrum or tailbone. This chakra is about an inch in front of the grounding cord. There are 4 cones inside the initial cone, plus an inner wheel.

The second is located in the lower abdomen 1” below our naval. There are 6 cones inside the initial cone, plus an inner wheel. There are 6 cones inside the initial cone, plus an inner wheel.

The third is located at our solar plexus 1” above our naval to the base of our sternum. There are 10 cones inside the initial cone, plus an inner wheel. Also, the inner flame/candle sits here.

The fourth is located at our heart. There are 12 cones inside the initial cone, plus an inner wheel.

The fifth is located at our throat. There are 16 cones inside the initial cone, plus an inner wheel.

The sixth is located at our forehead approximately an inch above our brow line. There are 96 cones inside the initial cone, plus an inner wheel.

The seventh is located on the top of the head. There are 972 cones inside the initial cone, plus an inner wheel.

The eighth is located about a foot above our head.

The ninth is located about two feet above our head.

The tenth chakra sits about a foot below our feet.

The eleventh chakras are located in the center of our hands and the arches of our feet.

The twelfth is located around our body like an energy egg.

I also work with the back body chakras 2 through 6. I see the cones of the front chakra connecting to the back chakras with a sort of glass like straw or tube. When the tube is clogged, meaning the energy is not flowing smoothly through this channel we may tend to see a chakra that may be blocked in the sense that it is not spinning fully, it can appear to be blown out like popping a balloon, or may not even be spinning at all, or possibly be even spinning only a quarter of the way, similar to a skip in a record, that keeps repeating, hence keeping us stuck in a shortened loop.

As I mentioned earlier there is so much information to cover and I am trying to keep this as streamline as possible, while still giving you a sort of visualization of your energetic system.

The cones of the chakras store information like your own personal movie. They record our life events, as well as carrying our ancestral information. I see them like a set of encyclopedias storing all our emotions, feelings, beliefs, hopes, dreams, dysfunctions, judgements and joy, as well as other people's information, this list can go on and on, just see it as your own mini-series. You are creating records of information in your energetic system even before you are incarnated into this lifetime.

You chose your parents for example prior to being incarnated, you popped in and out of the Earth plane, receiving information while you rested in your mother’s womb. You already were feeling or a better word may be sensing how your mother’s energy and yours combined together. Your father’s voice was heard as well as others and you began to pick up their frequencies through audible echoes.

Now say you had a traumatic experience for example, as a child this may be as if you are constantly replaying a series from your personal tv show or it may have been so traumatic that you actually blocked out the information to protect yourself or cope with a situation that may have been too intense for you at a young age.

What happens is this energy if not processed or healed gets stuck in one or more chakras and when it gets triggered meaning someone, something, an experience happens that has you replaying that original event over and over, this will affect your frequency, your chakra health and many times show up as a physical ailment in your body.

This ailment will get more and more intense, as it is trying to warn you that something is not quite right in your energetic system. The signal tends to get louder in effort to wake you up.

This holding of the trauma may create a pattern, habit or stronghold within your body. Other times we may be drawn to an addiction to sorts to soothe our body in a dysfunctional way. Smoking tobacco for example, I see it as blocking both the 2nd and 5th chakras in the sense that we are not ready to process emotions or express feelings so we may pick up a habit that closes off our 5th chakra, which in turn suppresses our emotions and feelings, usually storing them within our second chakra organs such as our small intestines, large intestines, uterus or gonads.

The chakras are constantly working with our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves. The front chakras correspond with our day-to-day life and the back chakras tend to hold unconscious programming and store past information.

Just by starting to recognize your energy centers, their rotation and that you actually have them is a fantastic start!

I am going to provide a sort of summary here of each chakra and what I recommend is working one chakra at a time. That way you get to know a new aspect of yourself. Be gentle with you and honor your spirit, your soul and your inner child during this process.

Now let's get into the chakras!

The First Chakra

The first chakra is known as the root chakra and is located an inch in front of the tailbone. The color associated with this chakra is red and the energy element is of the earth. It has to do with our survival, fight or flight, our power and it tends to be where we store a large amount of our programming. We learn from an early age what is safe and what scares us.

When you think about survival you can ask yourself if your needs are being met? Do you have ample food, water, shelter, time to relax, a source of income and a sense of security?

Is there a program that you are running unconsciously in the background that is saying you are not safe, yet you have all your basic needs met? Is it a voice saying that life is hard and not okay? Are you physically unable to carry yourself through your life, living in a sort of victim mentality?

We tend to hold certain issues in the first chakra, some are obvious: career, money, family dysfunction, housing, food, basically our basic needs. Others like addiction, whether its alcohol, tobacco, gambling, sex or food this is your first chakra asking for help and attention.

This is why grounding to the Earth is so vital for our life force energy. If our root chakra is off, then for the most part all of our other chakras will be affected as well. By grounding your energy, please listen to my guided grounding meditation, you are plugging to a source of stability within your energetic body. You are standing with your feet planted on the ground feeding your entire system with the nourishment the earth provides.

Centuries ago, we harvested our own food from the Earth, made our own shelters from the Earth, warmed our bodies with fire, hydrated our system with the water that ran in our streams. This created an immediate connection with her, putting our hands in the soil, weaving her threads for twine and clothing, scooping the water with our hands to drink, placing wood on the fire to warm our bones. This touching of the Earth, created our connection more deeply with the cycles the Earth gave to us.

It is a bit different now. We are so disconnected from the Earth, many of us are forced to run a program that focuses first on financial sustainability rather than our spiritual and physical health. This alone makes it imperative for us to ground and plug into our own energetic systems. As technology feeds our senses in a visual and auditory way, that too becomes an addiction, pulling us more deeply away from our center. This is where I thank you for taking the step to regain yourself! We are all connected by energy and frequency and as the more of us go back to our roots we are not only serving ourselves, but serving the others we share this planet with.

The Second Chakra

The second chakra just located an inch below our naval is associated with the water element and the color orange.

This chakra has to do with feelings. Now it’s not to say that feelings cannot originate from somewhere else in the body, for example feelings derived from the first chakra tend to be more explosive like the energy of a volcano, erupting as soon as the trigger has been activated. When feelings come from the second chakra they tend to move more like water. Think of crying, laughing, singing, the expressions of feelings tend to flow more from a raging river to a smooth stream throughout our energetic body affecting all the chakras. So, when our feelings get the best of us we can be dealing with self-destructive beliefs, unworthiness issues, insecurities, judgement and disgust.

Again, by not processing our feelings they get stored and held in the body causing illness, aches and pains as a reminder that something is off. The ailments may show up as PMS, intestinal issues, sexual organ issues, as the feelings get supressed they fester deep into our bodies, many times attaching to our organs waiting for us to heal them.

Other times we can unknowingly store other people's feelings or emotions in our second chakra. When feelings are not your own, they get housed in our energetic system which in turn can affect your self-esteem issues say from a parent for example. Maybe you held a belief that you would never be pretty enough, man enough, whatever the program was that was instilled in you from childhood through your parents’ word and deeds. That belief became stored in your second chakra through programming, the repetition of hearing something over and over. As an adult you may see the belief of you are less than coming through as codependency, uncontrollable emotions or insecurity.

When you begin to work on your second chakra, healing your feelings through patience and compassion you begin to own your own space, becoming less reactive in the sense you begin to observe the feelings entering your body and understanding how to process those feelings in a healthier way.

Both men and women become comfortable with their aspects of sexuality in both their male and female energy. We are composed of both and when we balance the masculine and feminine utilizing the expression of each, we give ourselves permission to be, whether we are showing our strengths, our vulnerabilities, our emotions, we are transparent and open to being in the essence of who we are meant to be.

I mean to be fully you as a human being with no judgement, expectations or attachments just the full expression of self is a freedom beyond any measurement. There is absolutely nothing greater a gift to give yourself.

The Third Chakra

The third chakra is located in our solar plexus, it works with the element of fire and the color yellow.

It relates to knowingness and thy will and the development of the self. It is the key to our inner power. Here also lies our inner flame/candle.

I also see the third chakra a bit differently in relation to creative energy. Many run their creativity through their second chakra, but my perception is that the 3rd chakra's ability to transform allows one to create more readily. By placing the creative energy in the third chakra we use our element of fire to create our lives, a business, direct our path and so much more. The fire element provides us the momentum to do just about anything we set our mind to!

Here we learn how to succeed, fit into society, school, family situations and other aspects of our day to day lives.

When we do not permit our own self-development, we can begin to run into many health-related issues. For example, digestive issues, ulcers, weight gain or loss and the lack of power. The third chakra is also the place where we hold judgments of others and ourselves.

For some people they tend to place the need for control of their life in the 3rd chakra. Doing this immediately constricts one's inner flame. The restriction on your flame blocks your own inner power, hurting yourself by putting out the fire. This makes us feel unhappy, judgmental and frustrated. Not knowing that by trying to control your life you are self-sabotaging your beingness.

Through expansion, creating and living life to the fullest we are allowing ourselves to shine and giving permission for others to see our inner light, who we are, what we are passionate about, with the ability to express ourselves fully. This immediately opens ourselves up to love. This is the love of the self, as well as the love of another, bringing us to the fourth chakra.

The Fourth Chakra

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra. The element is air and the color is green. This energy center is the portal between the upper and lower chakras.

Self-love is one of the most important lessons when working with the fourth chakra. To go inside oneself with the energy of love provides a sense of balance to our energetic bodies.

Our love should not come from a set of conditions, rather it should begin inward and move outward unconditionally. When love comes from the heart there is a Divine presence of connection in a spiritual manner. When we run our energetic bodies from the heart chakra, we immediately feel a sense of peace and freedom of expression. This freedom is found in the air element. The air allows us to flow easily and smoothly, it is only when it is constricted that it causes illness within our bodies. Think about it, the air is light, just as the breeze touches your skin.

As we move into a relationship with another, when we fall in love, we feel light as a feather, we are swept away, walking on cloud nine all these analogies represent air! We can get carried away literally, forgetting to stay grounded and present. We forget that through grounding we can experience this new relationship through all of the chakras.

It is when this element is altered that dysfunction can begin to play its part in affecting our heart chakra, as well as the heart of the other.

When we attempt to control ourselves by limiting our love, loving through conditions, expecting love to come in a certain package, building walls around our heart, we are actually shutting down the center of our energy system. If we are not operating properly from our center we cause problems within our relationships. By limiting love based on a desire, suppressing love for your partner, or using love to manipulate a particular situation you are in essence suffocating the other, this suffering is being pulled from a sense of control energy stemming back to the third chakra.

As you may have begun to notice one chakra can affect all the others creating a sense of entanglement within your energy system. It then becomes a matter of finding through chakra mediation and observation of self the keys to heal your cones in each specific chakra. I won’t get into this too deeply as this entanglement energy can be a subject all on its own.

The ailments of the fourth chakra are heart disease, lung disease, asthma, allergies and the sinuses.

If we give ourselves permission to love fully in a balanced and healthy manner, we open up more space in our hearts providing a deeper connection to ourselves, which allows us to love others in a broader spectrum.

Try it now, just for a moment. Breathe into your heart using the air element, quieting your mind and allowing expansion to happen. Let this expansion come from the center of your core, shining a love that’s deep and eternal. Connecting to the Divine Source Energy of all that is. Here you will see we are all connected, not only the humans, but the Earth, the animals, all the organisms on this planet, as well as beyond. When you open your heart do so in all directions to and expand the love for all to share.

The Fifth Chakra

The fifth chakra is located at our throat, I tend to also include the shoulders. The element here is sound vibration and the color is a cobalt blue. The fifth energy center also connects with the element of Ether-Spirit.

Here is the center of all communication where we can manifest vocally through the expression of self. We do this through sound, music, words, chanting, symbols, mantras, poetry and art. Communication is not only limited to sound, but also includes writing, listening, creating as we share information through the use of symbols. Think of it our alphabet is a set of symbols, as well as pictographs, mandalas, musical notes, each symbol whether singularly or united with other symbols provides information for ourselves and for others. It is a way to connect, share, express and understand.

Ether is as transparent as the air we breathe. I believe we can feel ether as Spirit just as we can feel the wind on our skin, we just have not been programmed to actually sense the energy or the vibration. It is when the Spirit comes in contact with our Auric field or the 12th chakra that we can begin to sense the essence of ether.

From a whisper close to our ear or hearing music at a concert your body responds to the sounds and the vibrations. When you are speaking your vibration is what is carrying the information and the harmonics you select as you communicate. You reflect the essence of a thought with what you are saying, combining it in words.

Think about it, when someone says something to you that doesn’t sound quite right, their words are not matching their vibration. They can be using a means of communication to get what they want, lie, cheat, manipulate in the same manner they can express love, friendship, compassion, blessings, it is all a matter of the vibration that is held as they express the words coming out of their energetic system.

This is when our intuition kicks in when we can tell whether someone is telling the truth or not. We get a sense that the words are not matching the vibration, hence we feel a hesitation in our space.

When we have an open throat chakra we communicate clearly, listen fully and observe the balance between the two.

If we have an overactive fifth chakra in the sense that we plow through someone's conversation, talk constantly, rarely leaving space for another person's input we are out of sync with our second chakra. So the fifth compensates for something going on in the second energy center.

If the fifth chakra is closed or damaged we may clam up holding in our expression of self, bite our tongue by not expressing what we are truly feeling and say what we think someone else would like to hear.

Explosive communication connects to the first chakra, think of that volcano I mentioned earlier.

The fifth chakra erupts and reacts through screaming, yelling, or hurting another with words. Our survival space is lit up and the fear is just utilizing the voice to release the pent up energy, hence the explosion. This energy not only hurts others but throws our energy centers out of alignment.

Fifth chakra issues involve our teeth, throat, oral fixations, ears and shoulder region.

The Sixth Chakra

The sixth chakra is located on the forehead about one inch above the brow line, its element is light and the color of this chakra is indigo. It is also considered to be our third eye.

This chakra acts as a record keeper through the lenses of our eyes. Here we can see both our inner world and our outer world. We learn how to perceive information as well as create our lives through visualization. When we begin to create through visualization we begin to manifest what we are moving towards.

When using the element of light, it enters as a beam or a ray filling whatever it touches and encapsulating the form. Working with your inner light and bringing it inside the body illuminates the self. Sharing your light outward for others to experience opens up your energy body to more clarity. We are working with our higher self spreading light and love.

If our light is cloudy or we are experiencing interference, confusion may set in, we may find it more difficult to manifest and our plans may just fizzle out.

For me clarity is the key word when working with the sixth chakra. We have to quiet the noise in both our external and internal worlds so that we can have a clear picture of our light held in our energetic body. This openness allows manifestation to take place, moving out of our own way allows the miracles to happen.

The sixth chakra works with the pineal gland, which is affected by light and falls in horizontal alignment with the third eye. By activating this gland, feeding it energetically we can relax and see things differently through a lit perception of awareness. For many our pineal gland begins to shrink or go dormant at about age seven. It is my experience that through meditation and awareness we can awaken this golden gland.

Through clear seeing we can visualize all the elements in our past, present and future. Here our spirit communicates with our soul. Some consider the sixth chakra the seat of the soul. This is a place where we can connect to ourselves creating a visual pathway for our manifestations using our imagination, hologram or mirror pathways.

When this chakra is not functioning to its fullest, we may see an imbalance in our nervous system, eyesight issues, headaches, developmental issues, false aspects of self or sleeping disorders.

The Seventh Chakra

The seventh chakra, also called the crown chakra, is located at the top of our head. It works with the element of thought and the color violet.

Here is the seat of our consciousness, where we connect to the Universal Source Energy. Our energy flows upward from all of our other chakras to the seventh chakra, simultaneously energy flows into us from the Universal Source.

Thought does not have to come from the mind alone. If you consider the mind to be connected to all that is, information comes to you from all access points through the information pathway. It is in this state of knowingness that allows us to gather information through conscious awareness and plug it into our energetic system.

Visualize your brain being connected to your entire nervous system, imagine your breathe being released through the entire layer of your skin, be malleable allowing yourself to plug into the unlimited source of information receiving input from both inside and outside of your body, above and beyond your range of sight. Here is where we can move through time and space with a sense of unlimitedness, moving through the speed of light to transcendence.

Through transcendence we move between the physical world around us and the space of the Divine, touching the formless and the physical to obtain information which allows us to work with the fields of energy, so that we may formulate our lives, our sense of spirituality through our thought forms.

The crown chakra is also associated with the collective consciousness of all human beings, similar to the 100-monkey effect. When a certain percentage of the species learns a new perception, thought or idea it then shifts the entire collective consciousness of that species.

Seventh chakra issues affect our immune system, our heads, psychological disorders, brainwashing through religious or spiritual groups and eating disorders.

The Eighth Chakra

The eighth chakra is located a foot above our head and works with the Akashic Records. Here we have the access point to all dimensions and levels of existence, I see it as the location which holds all of our soul's information from previous incarnations, as well as the present time.

For me I see it as a huge hall with Doric columns flanking either side, just behind an ancient door. Asking permission to enter this space first is key prior to entering. I believe each of us has a Gatekeeper that protects our records.

If you are looking for specific information working with the eighth chakra along with the back chakras, can create a deep healing of blocks, strongholds and contracts you may have with others. It allows us the space to look into previous incarnations and see how they may be affecting us in our present life. For example, you may have a fear of drowning, upon reviewing your incarnations we can visit a possible incarnation that has kept you holding that fear of drowning rather than overcoming that fear due to a stronghold. As we begin to do work in the Akashic records, we may find that you were a deckhand on a Viking ship centuries ago that was raided while you were out to sea and you went down with the ship as the war ensued. By seeing it, clearing it and I sort of polish the column you can in actuality instantly heal that stronghold or belief.

The Ninth Chakra

The ninth chakra is the seat of the Soul and is located about two feet above our head, reach your arm up like you are waving and there it is! It is gold in color. Here you are connecting and tapping into the Divine Self and working with the Divine Program.

We can find the genetic makeup of our physical body in an etheric form. This is where the energy enters the body and begins to affect our physical system. Here is where you can adjust your DNA and bring them into the physical form, reprogramming ancestral traits, conditions and holdings. This is where the soul enters the body.

The Tenth Chakra

The tenth chakra is located a foot below our feet diving deep into the Earth. When we move through our life through a grounded state, we can operate more so in a state of neutrality knowing we are supported by the Earth Energy. I find it imperative to run Earth energy in order to function fully in this time and space.

I see the tenth chakra as the seat of the warrior, the courage to walk in your life as your fullest self, with unwavering certainty. Here you can bring in all the Earth elements to assist you on your path.

When we are ungrounded, we can be easily distracted, leaving our bodies unknowingly, daydream too much, astral project, usually to avoid a particular life situation. Your spirit sort of says “I’m otta here!” and pops out. If we have a difficult time dealing with day-to-day stressors, the inability to process emotions in a healthy manner or lack boundaries allowing others to walk all over us, these are signs that you are ungrounded and not plugged into your tenth chakra.

The Eleventh Chakra

The location of the first set of the eleventh chakra is located at the base of our feet and sit just within our arches. As we learn how to ground, I work with three areas, this being the second location or the second grounding point.

Here is where we begin to receive the Earth energies and process it into the body integrating this connection to the Earth and bringing it within. This creates a sense of stability, uniformity and integration within our etheric selves, as well as the physical self.

When they are fully open to receiving, we can walk in our lives with a sense of knowingness and support.

When the eleventh chakra is out of balance, so are we. We may have a physical ailment that makes it difficult for us to stand on our own two feet, literally. We may have a sense of uneasiness walking through our lives. By shutting down these chakras, we begin to feel insecure, emotionally unsettled, out of balance in our day to day lives. When nothing seems to be going right, check on the connection of your eleventh chakras and connect to the Earth.

As we begin to do our etheric work this is where you will draw the energy from the Earth upward into your energetic body and begin to feed your spiritual centers of the body. These two chakras become the channels drawing upward into the legs and connecting at the sacrum/the pelvic floor.

Your second set of eleventh chakras are located in the palms of the hand, they are fed as the Earth energy and Universal Source energy combine into one and flows down the arms in order to feed these chakras.

Your hand chakras will assist you in healing, moving energy, they become the operating system for removing specific energy inward and out of the body and the aura.

The Twelfth Chakra

The twelfth chakra is sits in the same place as the twelfth auric layer. It is a membrane that surrounds our body that is permeable. I will speak more about this chakra when I discuss the aura. In summary, it is our heightened senses, that is sensitive to all that is. It also is how we protect our energetic body and create boundaries with others.

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