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A Breakdown of the Chakras and What Each Chakra does.

Updated: Jan 17

What is a Chakra?

I don’t know if I can actually say enough about the chakras, but this will be more of a summary just to familiarize you with each one, their properties and how they interact with our energetic system.

I tend to follow the 12-chakra system, as that is how I taught myself early on in my journey. Chakra in Sanskrit is defined as a wheel or energy center. My best analogy for a chakra is an ice cream cone without the ice cream. Each chakra is made up of a number of ice cream cones that for the most part spin clockwise in our energetic system. A healthy chakra tends to move clockwise and can fluctuate in size, but I tend to see a healthy chakra about eight inches in diameter.

When I do my energy work, I am saying hello to each chakra, each cone within the chakra and taking a peek into the client’s energy system. Each chakra holds its own information, spin and frequency. They work independently of one another and at the same they work harmonically together. When they are aligned in the body and in synchronicity our energetic body is like a well-oiled machine.

Most of us are familiar with the 7 chakras located in the front of our body.

For the 12-chakra system, some are located inside the physical body, as well as outside of our physical body.

The first is the sacrum or tailbone. This chakra is about an inch in front of the grounding cord. There are 4 cones inside the initial cone, plus an inner wheel.

The second is located in the lower abdomen 1” below our naval. There are 6 cones inside the initial cone, plus an inner wheel. There are 6 cones inside the initial cone, plus an inner wheel.

The third is located at our solar plexus 1” above our naval to the base of our sternum. There are 10 cones inside the initial cone, plus an inner wheel. Also, the inner flame/candle sits here.

The fourth is located at our heart. There are 12 cones inside the initial cone, plus an inner wheel.

The fifth is located at our throat. There are 16 cones inside the initial cone, plus an inner wheel.

The sixth is located at our forehead approximately an inch above our brow line. There are 96 cones inside the initial cone, plus an inner wheel.

The seventh is located on the top of the head. There are 972 cones inside the initial cone, plus an inner wheel.

The eighth is located about a foot above our head.

The ninth is located about two feet above our head.

The tenth chakra sits about a foot below our feet.

The eleventh chakras are located in the center of our hands and the arches of our feet.

The twelfth is located around our body like an energy egg.

I also work with the back body chakras 2 through 6. I see the cones of the front chakra connecting to the back chakras with a sort of glass like straw or tube. When the tube is clogged, meaning the energy is not flowing smoothly through this channel we may tend to see a chakra that may be blocked in the sense that it is not spinning fully, it can appear to be blown out like popping a balloon, or may not even be spinning at all, or possibly be even spinning only a quarter of the way, similar to a skip in a record, that keeps repeating, hence keeping us stuck in a shortened loop.

As I mentioned earlier there is so much information to cover and I am trying to keep this as streamline as possible, while still giving you a sort of visualization of your energetic system.

The cones of the chakras store information like your own personal movie. They record our life events, as well as carrying our ancestral information. I see them like a set of encyclopedias storing all our emotions, feelings, beliefs, hopes, dreams, dysfunctions, judgements and joy, as well as other people's information, this list can go on and on, just see it as your own mini-series. You are creating records of information in your energetic system even before you are incarnated into this lifetime.

You chose your parents for example prior to being incarnated, you popped in and out of the Earth plane, receiving information while you rested in your mother’s womb. You already were feeling or a better word may be sensing how your mother’s energy and yours combined together. Your father’s voice was heard as well as others and you began to pick up their frequencies through audible echoes.

Now say you had a traumatic experience for example, as a child this may be as if you are constantly replaying a series from your personal tv show or it may have been so traumatic that you actually blocked out the information to protect yourself or cope with a situation that may have been too intense for you at a young age.

What happens is this energy if not processed or healed gets stuck in one or more chakras and when it gets triggered meaning someone, something, an experience happens that has you replaying that original event over and over, this will affect your frequency, your chakra health and many times show up as a physical ailment in your body.

This ailment will get more and more intense, as it is trying to warn you that something is not quite right in your energetic system. The signal tends to get louder in effort to wake you up.

This holding of the trauma may create a pattern, habit or stronghold within your body. Other times we may be drawn to an addiction to sorts to soothe our body in a dysfunctional way. Smoking tobacco for example, I see it as blocking both the 2nd and 5th chakras in the sense that we are not ready to process emotions or express feelings so we may pick up a habit that closes off our 5th chakra, which in turn suppresses our emotions and feelings, usually storing them within our second chakra organs such as our small intestines, large intestines, uterus or gonads.

The chakras are constantly working with our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves. The front chakras correspond with our day-to-day life and the back chakras tend to hold unconscious programming and store past information.

Just by starting to recognize your energy centers, their rotation and that you actually have them is a fantastic start!

I am going to provide a sort of summary here of each chakra and what I recommend is working one chakra at a time. That way you get to know a new aspect of yourself. Be gentle with you and honor your spirit, your soul and your inner child during this process.

Now let's get into the chakras!

The First Chakra

The first chakra is known as the root chakra and is located an inch in front of the tailbone. The color associated with this chakra is red and the energy element is of the earth. It has to do with our survival, fight or flight, our power and it tends to be where we store a large amount of our programming. We learn from an early age what is safe and what scares us.

When you think about survival you can ask yourself if your needs are being met? Do you have ample food, water, shelter, time to relax, a source of income and a sense of security?