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"Are Energetic Contracts Holding You Back? How to Release Them and Move Forward"

Energetic Contracts

We enter into various kinds of contracts with people in our lives, some of which are formal and legally binding, while others are more subtle and energetic in nature. These contracts can involve our relationships with friends, family members, service providers, pets, and more. Energetic contracts are not tangible or physically signed, but they involve the intention to be in a mutual agreement with another individual.

The contracts we have with people in our current lives can be connected to past life experiences or develop in this time and space or through interdimensional issues. The good news is that we have the ability to heal these contracts that may have been carried over from previous lifetimes, spaces, and times.

To start the process of healing these contracts, you can ask yourself a series of questions:

- Who initiated this original contract? Was it me, someone else, or a collective decision?

- If I did not initiate this contract, how did I become involved in this agreement? Where did I give up my power or free will?

- Is there something I need to understand and learn about this contract before I can release it?

- If I did choose to enter into this contract, when did I give permission and why? What was I seeking from the situation?

- What type of contract is this? Is it a cord, a binding, an attachment, or a stronghold?

- What energy is being disrupted by this contract? Where do I feel resistance, resentment, or frustration?

- How does this contract fulfill me?

- How does it affect others who are also part of this contract?

- How can I release myself from this contract? Can the terms of the contract be negated, altered, or modified?

- What can I release at this moment?

- What do I need to acknowledge about myself and the others involved?

- What do I need to let go of and forgive in myself and the others?

- Am I truly ready to release this contract?


The last question, in a way, should be the first, because if you are not open to change or letting go of a contract that is not serving you, you will not be able to shift the energy needed to dissolve the contract in the first place.


You have the power and are in control of your own Universe. You are in charge of your physical body and possess more power than you can even imagine in your spiritual form.

The purpose of the questions is to help you understand, process, and gain insight about the contract. Understanding is the first step in accepting and uncovering the truth within yourself.

You are in the driver’s seat and have the option to decline the contract with the other individual at any point and time. You can terminate the contract along with any associated energies, and send it to the Supreme Being to heal that space once you have completed the task. You can change the energy by directing white light and positive energy towards the individual, entity, or the contract that is influencing you.

Strive to forgive all that has transpired between you and the other party. Consider whether the other party will forgive you as well. If it is a yes accept the yes, and if it is no accept the no, but continue to move on for you and you alone. If they refuse to dissolve the contract, send them more bright white light and move them outside of your twelfth auric layer. Then set the intention that they no longer have permission to enter your etheric and physical spaces.

Remember, no one can affect you unless you have provided consent.

Always remember it is your energy and you have the power to establish your own boundaries, cut any contracts that no longer serve you and continue on your healing journey.

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