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Are you a Giraffe or a Wolf?

How one communicates is an important asset that we learn throughout our lives. It is connected to the fifth chakra. As a young child, we begin to use our vocal forms of expression to get what we need, for manifestation and creation before we even learn how to formulate words.

We tend to learn through trial-error-reaction, until we come into the full awareness of what happened during specific communications as we begin to grow up.

These experiences are the growth of how we share our expressions (third chakra), thoughts (first chakra) and feelings (second chakra), as well as our relations to others. How many times do we get triggered, by a cause and get faced with the effect? This is how we learn, through interaction and practice. Without these experiences we would stay stuck in our protective closed selves rather than experiencing-growing-learning.

Due to trauma from past communications, we may bury it inside, sweep it under the rug or in an attempt to confront the tension and move through the discomfort, communicate with the other individual. Two of these utilize a closed heart. By ignoring and/or deceiving ourselves we begin to close our heart for fear of being hurt again. Creating in essence a new wound within our physical and etheric bodies. Building that Gobstopper of a wall around us (see the blog post about gobstoppers) instead of walking through the experience with your heart open, fearless and grounded. The later needless to say may be more difficult (in perception) in the present moment, but will come with the least amount of damage to your energetic system.

This is where we have choices.

Just think about it for a moment, we have so many options!

First let’s play with a simple comparison from the animal kingdom! Animals and their behaviors are great tools in understanding how energy systems work without the attachment of our ego.

Say you have a choice to speak like a Giraffe or a Wolf, which animal would you select?

When you think of the Giraffe, they move with feminine energy, the grace in their body language as they walk interact with one another and if you have ever watched them eat, they do that with gentleness and a sense of overall peace.

A Wolf on the other hand, is more masculine in its energy structure, more stealth in its movements, as it hunts its prey, and uses its canine teeth to go in for the kill, growling and expressing, howling to make themselves heard.

There are so many animals I could have added here, but keeping it simple for simplicity’s sake!

So, when we think of communication, we can decide;

How do I choose to react? As the Giraffe or the Wolf?

Which creature would serve me best in this moment?

Work on following your heart to guide your path. Stay present and in the now moment.

If you don’t want to deal with it in the moment, then don’t. It is okay to walk away and process.

By processing you give yourself time for reflection rather than reaction.

Take time and maybe ask yourself what animal is the other interacting as? Maybe a Gorilla, beating their chest as their ego is being affected, a Snake who is so quiet, yet bites you with their venom the minute you pass by, perhaps even a guinea pig who has backed themselves into a corner trying to get away from the person having the reaction.

Whatever the case may be take a step back, breathe and ground, just observe.

It is not the end of the Universe as you know it, you will survive and you will overcome the experience as long as you come through the heart space.

By reacting to the other in the heat of the moment, you either match that persons vibration as you both try to escalate over each other in order to be heard, regret your words as they were expressed with rage and anger, whatever the case may be you have a choice.

How do you choose to communicate?

Maybe try being a fish, who moves smoothly and gracefully through the water, try, experiment, grow and learn. Knowledge is so valuable!

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