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Aura Meditation Connecting the Physical Body to the Etheric Body

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

What is Aura Meditation? Give it a try!

Find a quiet place where you can sit with your feet flat on the floor.

Now begin to breathe into your entire body,

out to every edge of your skin.

Feel the breath penetrating each layer as it moves inward and outward.

Feel your organs, your muscles, your tissues,

Your ligaments, your joints and your fascia.

Continue to breathe inward feeding your body and outward until you begin to touch the interior of your skin membrane.

Gently breathe into all the spaces within your body.

Feel how your skin supports your entire system,

connecting your physical self with the rest of the Universe.

Become aware with each breath that your skin membrane is just that,

a membrane that is permeable to receiving energy and information.

Become sensitive to the skin now on the outside of the body.

What is your skin touching, how does your clothing feel?

Is there any holding or tightness against your body or do your clothes sit gently like a blanket providing a sense of comfort and connection.

Feel your sit bones, where they are making contact with the Earth or the chair.

Maybe even the back of your legs or feet, where they are making contact with the outside world.

Become aware of how your body feels as it sits in the here and now.

Your focus is only on yourself and the air around you.

Now imagine your skin becoming thinner,

merging with that air or ether spreading outward around your entire body.

As you breathe you create a subtle membrane that is light yet supportive of you.

As you expand and contract your breath, so to does this etheric extension of yourself

as it begins to move inward and outward with every breath you take.

This breath not only feeds your physical system, but also your etheric system.

Sense the natural rhythm and begin to connect within, relax into this moment in time, where you are connecting the physical body with your aura.

The aura is an extension of yourself, you may feel it close to your skin or moving miles outward, explore these sensations, the feelings, bringing your aura close to the body then further away. As you begin to explore this aspect of yourself just allow it to be what it is at this moment in time.

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