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Autism and Energy Work, let's try together to open the doors!

In the past few months I have had the blessing to work with some autistic children, which has been quite amazing. I have the experience of being guided to various areas of their brain and doing work between the left and the right hemispheres through the guidance and assistance of various guides and energies. This has really become something quite miraculous to experience as a healer and to hear the effects of the work on these children in just a few days.

They may communicate differently then what the main stream society accepts as communication, but they do have their own forms. What I find extremely amazing is the intellect they have within, their individuality that we perceive as a handicap, and the ability to process the information rather quickly and fluidly into their energy systems.

I believe they have a learning style and a developmental style that is so close yet so unique for each individual. It is like finding a secret door and unable to locate the key and striving to open the door with various tools, but your limitation of the tools is what ends up limiting your opportunity to actually open the door and allow the communication to flow through.

To see the spirit on their level with no attachments, judgements, or expectations; just looking at their beingness, allows them the opportunity to be themselves 100% without the limitations our society has placed on them, us, actually on everyone.

What is so unique in my so far very early stages of observation is that each of these individuals operates using their very own operating system. That can seem to be a challenge in a family that is not prepared at all to experience something different than what we have been conditioned to know as the norm.

Open your heart and your channels and listen to these children in a new manner. I am offering a discounted rate for a reading for you. In hopes that you can connect to your child in a new, loving, warm and fresh way. Please email me directly for more information at:

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