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Be Free, Let your Spirit and Soul Shine!

By clearing your energy and allowing yourself to be open and organic, your life will move with more ease and grace!

Allow everything to pass through you like the wind, feel the wind through your body, touching your skin (your first auric layer) and then allow it to permeate every cell in your body and then release it once again through your skin. Be Permeable!

Try it!

Rather than the web that everything gets caught in, it is clear and thin strands that hold onto the wounds, the pain, the prey...envision the web leaving every cell of your body and being recirculated into the Earth.

Yes things and people will touch you just like the wind, but they won't get stuck. It will be like, "Oh yes, that feeling is familiar, I can see it, I don't have to hold it and evaluate it, I can just let it go, just like the wind!"

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