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Be Kind to Yourself

Prior to the covid experience, we were all just running as if we were on overdrive. I don't know about you but for me there were no more weekends, where you would just curl up and "stay in" for an entire day; always something to do, always somewhere to go.

I believe our bodies had gotten used to this sort of race mentality and then BAMB we were hit with what appeared to be a brick wall for many. For some of us we were able to embrace this time and move inwards and find that space that we have been desiring, for others this time may feel discomforting because it is no longer the "norm" of what we were "used to".

The speed came gradually, almost undetectably, as our devices became smarter our personal time lessened, the time for us.

This time is ever changing, ever evolving, to embrace the unknown rather than putting on your boxing gloves, is embracing your feminine energy, whether you are a man or a woman.

We operate from both angles, from our masculine and feminine energy. This time, in the places we call home are bringing us back to the feminine.

WE are doing things as a family more, getting to know our loved ones more than we may ever have due the restrictions placed on us to do things outdoors. We all went into bake mode!

After we could not get any toilet paper (helllooo...this is a first chakra response in the most obvious form, think about where you utilize the product, ha ha ha!), then baking supplies flew off the shelves, we were seeking comfort, that means even orally. I am sure we all have our own comfort foods out there!

We know we are in the middle of the mountain, still not knowing "when" we will go back to normal. Try no to focus on the when if you can, be present in what is happening right now.

When I say: Be Kind to Yourself - do just that, don't push right now, try to find an inner peace inside of you. If you need a quiet place and the family is home, modify a room for the family, it could even be a closet! Whatever it is that allows you to have the space to go inward and say hello to your spirit, your inner child, yourself!

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

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