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Be Naked and Love Yourself!

Yes Be YOU! You have been selected to live this life here on this Amazing Earth with its ups and downs, the roller coaster ride, the explosiveness of this experience, so be NAKED! Now I am not saying run down the road free from clothing and limitations, rather live and be as if you are naked. Not hiding any conditions, ulterior motives, fears, old programs that are no longer serving you....honestly,

Why stay stuck? What do you have to lose to change a belief, a behavior, a habit, an addiction? The list can go on and on! After all we are all on this planet to interact with one another, live, love and for goodness sake LEARN!

Get rid of those elements that waste your time, drag you down, make you feel like bubble gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe, WAKE UP!

Live the life of your dreams!

When you are your Authentic Self, no masks, no conditional relationships, just you fully exposed and naked, you can be your TRUE SELF, exposing that yes you are a being having a human experience!

It is okay to appear vulnerable, happy, generous, needy, angry, sad, expressive, this list goes on and on, but BE IT! Experience the FEELINGS allow yourself to have the EMOTIONS, share that you may be vulnerable at the moment, you don't have to be a stealth bomber floating around in the sky, knowing that you are almost on empty, but still trying to stay up in the sky.

I am here to tell you it is okay, to feel, experience, grow and learn, why else would you be here? Allow yourself to actually LOVE YOURSELF!

When you LOVE YOURSELF exactly as you are, you will be more open, compassionate, free to be what ever you choose to be in that moment.

Do you want to Dance, then dance! Raise your vibration, your frequency. Do you want to cry, go ahead and Cry it out, ,don't keep it inside, building up your tears. Remove that energy from your body, so you can experience the next great feeling! Do you prefer to Sing? Well then open up that throat chakra, and Sing so the World can here you!

You are a UNIQUE SPECIAL BEING so why stop yourself from living from your Authentic Self?

Are you still worried that people may look at you while being Authentic, did you ever once think that if YOU are Authentic, you are giving the other the same capacity to be THEIR Authentic Selves.

Think about it, when you are scared to be fully you, don't you sense that people react differently. It's like trying to hide an elephant behind your back, it's kinda hard when you are not in integrity with yourself. People can see through that actor, peeking at the elephant just behind you. What are you afraid of? Judgement of another, who cares what they think?! You want to dye your hair hot pink, go for it, have that experience not for anyone else but yourself.

Why on Earth would you not practice self love? ASK yourself that question. Where do you JUDGE yourself, CONDONE yourself, WISH you looked a different way, BE, DO and HAVE anything but what you are RIGHT NOW? Don't be afraid to ask yourself this question HONESTLY and please answer yourself HONESTLY.

Remember, you are here writing your life story, why not be your own cheerleader, superhero, warrior, coach? Give it a try! Come on, you know you want to! And by all means enjoy the ride!

With so much love for you on your JOURNEY, I write this in hopes of SPARKING YOUR LIGHT AND YOUR LOVE FOR YOURSELF!


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