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Breaking Free from Stuck Patterns: Tips for Getting Unstuck and Taking Action

You don’t have to DO anything.

Boy what a statement, there’s truth to it. It is true, you don’t have to DO anything.

You have a choice. Every choice has significance and those moments are neither good or bad, rather they are pathways that provide us the opportunity to direct our lives, grow and expand.

When we begin to realize that we have the capacity to create, just as we have been created (through incarnation) through intention and knowingness, we come to the realization that through letting go of an idea, belief, thought or feeling actually directs that creation to us.

When we attempt to hold onto a particular outcome we smother it, removing any other potentials that can be out there waiting for us. Laser pointed focus, seeing things in only one way can blind us to the point that we can miss out on other opportunities. Programming from our youth and life experiences. Conditions we had to face as we grew up. The list can go on and on.

So, what stops us from doing?

It is a loaded question, with so many reasons, excuses and beliefs that we tell ourselves. The stories we create in order to stay in place. For the most part any of these stories are a compilation of limiting beliefs, stuck emotions, strong holds and blocks.

Why are they stories? Because we create a scenario. Let’s take an example.

Say you came into this lifetime with the knowingness that you wanted to assist animals, with dreams of being a vet when you were a child. Well, your caregivers did not support this path, telling you that animals are dirty, that they never amount to anything but take food and money away from the family. Every time you went to pet a dog you would see your hand would be brushed away, with negative comments that would begin to make you feel bad. Years go by and you give up as the words would get louder, the reactions from your caregivers more intense. You have been programmed with a story, that actually was not your own, it was passed down through the opinions of others.

So, you grow with this program, but deep inside you know something just does not feel right about it. There is the feeling of loss, lack of love, questions that seem to have no answers, something is missing and you are not sure what it is, because your subconscious mind has blocked out the story you were programmed with because it was so painful to have your spirit extinguished.

This is an example of a stronghold; it connects a belief and a feeling. They become fused together creating a block in our space, that can impact our “doingness”. We may apply this stronghold to other aspects in our life story. Having not learned the tools to unpack the information so we can move on.

There is a point of recognition, an ah ha moment. For this individual it may be triggered or realized through the feelings of loss later in their life.

The key is to go into the stronghold, the block or programming and begin to unpack the information.


By taking the steps to dissect your program, find the connections that began the limiting belief in the first place.

Through awareness and acceptance and seeing how when two elements are combined it creates a block that stops the act of doing, you can make a shift. Just by acknowledging that you found the stronghold that is the key. If you see it, clear it, and create a new story for yourself you will have the capacity to redirect the energy back to doing and being.

The old stories may come back up, but the good news is you are aware of it now. Focus on being one step ahead of the triggers and feelings that hold you back from doing so you can start moving and doing!

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