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Breathing into the Body Meditation

Here is a written meditation for Breathing into the body, if you prefer to listen to an audio meditation, please go under blog/meditations it is track number 10.

Close your eyes, Come into your body, say hello to yourself. Feel the chair you are sitting on, Where your feet are connecting to the Earth. Wiggle your toes, adjust yourself on the seat that you are on and sit in a comfortable position.

Begin to breathe steady and calmly. Sense the areas of the body where you clothing may be touching your skin How does it feel? Is it loose? Is it tight? Just get a sense of those areas and release any holding there.

Begin to feel the air around you: is it warm, cold, hot, is there a breeze, cool air from a window? If so from what direction? Just become more and more present of the world around you, as we begin to move to the world inside you.

We are composed of a physical form, as well as an etheric form. We are very familiar with our physical body, it is now time to familiarize yourself with your etheric body. Begin to bring your attention inwards.

Breathing into all areas of your body, breathing into the bottom of your feet, your arches, Your calves, breath into your knees, your thighs, breathe into your hips. Ask yourself where do you feel any holding of the body? Just try to let that go. Breathe into any area that may feel sticky in your body, tight or holding.

Let your abdomen relax, this is where you may begin to notice you are holding areas of your body inward, rather that just relaxing your body. Just let that go, and focus your breath there.

Begin to rinse any areas that feel sticky with your breath. Breathing into that space making more room for yourself. Feel and breath as it moves into the hips creating a sort of energetic pool of energy. Allow your breath to touch your back body, your spine. Give yourself permission to move if need be.

As we begin to move up the torso, fill your entire body with your breath moving up towards the solar plexus. This breath will feed the rest of your system as you move upwards. Breath into the stomach, the lungs, Say hello to your liver, your spleen, the pancreas, your gall bladder, your kidneys, your adrenals How are they feeling, say hello as if a friend has come for a visit. Can you breathe into all of the organs of the body?

Take a minute to rinse your organs, they do so much work for us while we go about our day to day lives, never really given any attention to them. Say hello to your reproductive organs how do they feel? Are they active right now, or are they taking a break from their cycle? Have they not been receiving attention? Forgetting about the feminine and masculine aspects of who you are. Just say hello, send healing energy there filling that space with love for yourself.

Just breathe into your body being aware that the breath is moving up towards your heart center Say hello to the ribs, your sternum, your heart, your spine, your lungs. Where are you holding any stuck energy? Breathe into that space Begin to thank your heart by breathing in fresh, new vibrant and vital energy into your heart space Just redirect your breath to wherever you are holding. Give your heart permission to let go of whatever it may be holding, processing or experiencing, Just open up your heart to the fullness of yourself all that you are Again, filling your entire body with breath Now we move up to our shoulders and the clavicles that support our neck and our head, how do they feel? Are you holding your shoulders next to your ears or are the shoulder blades retracting and relaxing? Give your muscles permission to relax.

Allow the arms to fall gently on your thighs, Feel the energy flow down your arm channels, Are your palms up or down? No need to judge just become aware. Can your breathe reach into the tips of your fingers and then flow back to your heart center? Just feel the energy within your fingertips, what sensations are there? When your palms face downward can you feel that energy connection to your thighs? Where does that energy go? When your palms face upward can you feel your fingertips relax and the chakras that sit within your palms open up? You may just sense a vibration, you may begin to feel a spinning within each of your palms, just observe there is no right or wrong experience. Now relax your shoulders there is nothing for them to hold right now. Let all the tension drain from your body and fill every ounce of yourself with your breath. As we begin to move up towards our neck, we begin to arrive where our breath is being received into the body breathing in through our nasal passages and our mouth. Our breath is gently moving through our esophagus feeding our entire energy system, This tube breathes in new fresh energy that feeds our entire body and releases the old air that can be recycled by the Universal Source Energy and the Earth. Can you feel the neck relaxing as the breath massages our throat, breathing in and out?

Letting go of any attachments, the need to speak, to protect, to say, just being present in giving and receiving of the breath, going deeper and deeper inward, getting to know yourself more and more. Say hello to that spot where your neck supports the skull, the occipital bone. Breathe into that spot moving your breath left and right Rinsing this channel Is it tight there? Again, it is okay to move, you may want to sway side to side, there’s no judgement here, your just introducing yourself to yourself.

Can you breathe into the spot where your neck supports the head and nourish it with new breath, feeding your central nervous system? You may feel the two points of the occipital bone activate as if turning on a light switch you may not, just observe. Now feel the sinus cavities our human filtration system, which breathes in the air, filling your sinuses with fresh new air, ready to support your entire body. Breathe into the back of your throat. You may begin to hear your breath sounding similar to the wind, just sit with that for a moment. Receiving this cleansing breathe. Filling your entire back body. Feel the fullness of that.

Relax the eyes, as they sit into your sockets, say hello to the optic nerves. Give them permission to relax, they do not have to see anything right now, they can just relax into the eye socket that supports them, as the lids gently layover the eyes. Just feel them melting, relaxing, your entire body is breathing in harmony Now say hello to your ears Are they doing anything right now other than hearing my voice, maybe your own breath as it moves in and out of your body? Can you remove all the other sounds and disturbances from your space? As you begin to focus on your forehead, is there holding there? Can you relax your forehead? Dropping the brows, letting them relax on your skin. Begin to say hello to your head, the frontal lobe, your temporal lobes, as you begin to go inside the brain, through the crown of your head. Upon entering the brain, can you feel or sense the left and right hemispheres? The membrane that feeds information back and forth between these two hemispheres? Begin to sync the hemispheres of the brain by breathing inwards breathing into the skull, the brain feeling that space between the skull and the brain itself. Now try to find the center of the head and say hello to the pineal gland. Is it dormant, active? Do you see a particular color or shape? Begin to breath fresh air into the pineal gland, as this golden kernel begins to awaken and activate. Can you feel the new source energy feeding the pineal gland, if not don’t worry, just keep sending your breath to the center to your head.

Now breathe through your entire physical body, allowing the breath to move freely, filling up any other areas that may need a little more breathe. I will give you some time, just to sink into your beingness. Begin to come back to your body, wiggle your fingers, your toes, slowly begin to open your eyes and just recognize the difference in your energetic system. Welcome home.

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