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But I'm Trying to Ground! What's UP?

So there you are on your yoga mat in mountain pose, you are trying your best to ground...your feet begin to feel heavy, you may start to wobble a bit, find your center again, but the minute you get off the mat your energy is all over the place.

You may ask yourself, what's wrong with me, why can't I ground? I go from one room to another and can't even remember what I was going into the other room for!

Well we have a large channel in our bodies yep, our spine! this is the channel where our universal energy from our seventh chakra mixes with earth energy in our first chakra, there is fluid in your spine that is charged and is constantly moving through this channel.

So the very last bone in our sacrum, the red portion of the image above is called our tail bone. Give this a try, create a grounding cord from your tail bone separate from your chakras (did you know you have chakras in your feet as well!?) This cord can be made up of anything, use your imagination!

Be childlike in your vision! So at your tailbone envision a ring that is circling clockwise, any color you like once that ring is solid and steady and moving smoothly clockwise, drop your cord! for example sake I will be illustrating using straw illustrations, but anything can become a cord!

Straws come in so many colors I like to envision these, they keep the energy light too! Who want's all that heavy stuff in our bodies! So on the left the "cords" are straight and healthy standing at attention ready to work for you. The illustration on the right is showing the "cords" with fear, anxious energy, uncertainty and judgement, don't go for those, just drop them into the earth metaphorically speaking and create a new cord that is nice and straight!

Once you see your cord is straight plug that cord into the Earth, not just on the surface, but to the molten core of the Earth, really plant it!

How do you feel? Are you fully planted? What is great is that once you plant for the day, you can always come back and ask yourself, am I still grounded. With practice you will be able to complete this in a matter of seconds, just by telling yourself to ground!

Play, keep it light, and please have fun!

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