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Title: Unlocking the Benefits of Chakra Cleansing: A Comprehensive Guide

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Chakra cleansing is a method of going into the individual chakras of the etheric body, as well as the physical body in order to clear out any stuck energy that is inhibiting you from healing, moving past something so that you can move forward.

I see the chakra system as a sort of computer system of sorts just in a different form. Each chakra is visible to me in both color, form, shape, spin and lines of energy.

I tell people I read it like a clock face moving around the external cone, inspecting the “filaments” that create the chakra. When I see something, I share it with that individual. This may come to me as information: clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, or clairaudience.

The individual can then catch a glimpse of what I share with them and understand who, what or how this experience is being held in the body and shows up as a block or disturbance.

Once we “see it” we can move it out, clean it up and heal it so the individual can move on.

As an intuitive practitioner, my goal is to assist the individual I am working with as a collective. We work together to clear the chakra system. By chakra clearing we work our way through all of the chakras. I work with twelve chakras. Five etheric chakras and the seven that sit inside the physical body. Chakras two through six also have back body chakras.

So many people ask me why they don’t know about the five chakras outside the body. I can only say that these are a bit more complex as they are the subtle energies and we are so stuck in our physical world that the perception that there could be chakras outside of ourselves is hard to believe.

I have clients that will initially tell me, “But how can I believe it?” …” I can’t see it”. I always share back; do you see the air you breath as it enters your body and chuckle. Our eyes only show us what we can see in form in front of us. We have a second set of eyes that can be activated when we shut our eye lids, that is where the magic happens.

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