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"The Power of Serendipity: Embracing Life's Unexpected Connections"

The world is vast and an interconnected place, and sometimes we encounter moments of serendipity that remind us of the magic of life. These moments are a reminder that we are all part of a greater consciousness that transcends our individual experiences. If we can view the world through our multidimensional lens, we can begin to see how all of these moments fit together like puzzle pieces to form the bigger picture of our lives.

There are no coincidences. I know that, but sometimes there are those special serendipitous experiences that just make your heart glow—reminding us that we are all connected in ways that are so miraculous beyond measure. If we can understand the planes of existence as multidimensional levels/spaces all working together within a consciousness that is not visible to the naked eye, yet is so transparent, subtle, and actual. (just because you cannot see it does not mean it does not exist)

I’d like to share a story of one such moment of serendipity that I experienced recently, in hopes that it sparks creativity as well as the playfulness that we all should be resistant to forgetting amusement every day.

I decided to take a class on male and female communication. I love to learn and experience new things in my field.  For our third week of class, we were told to find a photo of our parents.

I searched my Ziploc bag of family photos that I gathered before my mom’s transition hoping to find a wedding picture of her and my father. Instead, I found pictures of my mother and father, where they were at my wedding, full of happiness and joy in their faces. I also found a second photo of the two of them for my project where they were full of smiles.

As I was going through the photos, I found a photo of my mother, her sister Pat, and her sister Lena. Along with this photo, that was pulled out from the baggie of memories was a letter my mother had written me. This is the only letter I have to date from my mother, typed, well edited, so that she was as precise as she could be with her words to me. It was in response to a letter I sent her, telling her how much I loved her, unconditionally and that I could not change who I had become on my spiritual path in an era where the world was less open to spirituality than it is now.

Rereading her letter to me had me shedding a few tears. As I continued to read the letter, I could feel her and the love she had for me, showing me in the best way she possibly could. I folded the letter and left the photo of the three sisters in a private place in my home.

The very next day, I was given a coin as change for a transaction I had made at a regular shop I visited. I knew immediately from the size that this coin was not a United States coin but decided to take it as payment anyway. As soon as I got to my vehicle, I opened my change purse to see it was from Panama. I laughed out loud, as I knew this was my Aunt Lena saying “hello” with a sign that I would recognize. Now if you knew a little of our family history, my aunt would send my mother coins from wherever she would travel, Panama being one of those places. I know because I have those coins in my possession.

The following day, I was hiking with my friends as we do during the early morning, and on our way out of the trailhead, I witnessed something shining in the sand. I picked it up and it was a coin, a dime to be exact that had been made into a pendant of sorts. I shared my findings with my friend out of sheer excitement. As we turned over the coin it was stamped with “I heart mom”.

I shared the serendipitous experience with my friend, validating a second hello from both my mother and my aunt.

I chuckled, stating I guess what I would receive next from my Aunt Pat. We gathered it would be a coin, that stands out in some way, as these two have. I will wait with no attachment, knowing my Aunt Pat quite well, rather I will accept what may be. She is the woman who buried $25k in the backyard and when the family later looked for it after her passing, knew that she had taken it out for herself long ago. Possibly I will find a ribbon? Let the fun begin!

It is the gifts already received from both my Mother and Aunt Lena that have filled my heart with their tokens of hello from deep within the Universal conduit in which we live.

Moments like these remind us that the world is full of surprises and that we are all connected in ways that we may not even be able to comprehend. These moments encourage us to be open to new concepts, ideas, and experiences within the vast world of the unseen that dwells right next to the reality in which we live.

Pay attention to the subtleties in and around you, you never know when the puzzle pieces will be found!


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