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Exploring the Significance of Grounding in Relation to our Tenth Chakra

The Tenth Chakra serves as a crucial point of grounding and connection to the Earth's energies. It acts as the heart of the chakra system. This chakra lies one foot below our body, acting as an anchor that keeps us rooted in the Earth's energies. Grounding is essential to our functioning in this time and space as we navigate the challenges of life on Earth. When we're plugged into the Earth, our being has the capacity to access all of our tools for handling the various situations we encounter in our daily lives.

This chakra is seen as a platter or serving tray rather than a cone. Its colors are caramel and golden as they spin in a clockwise direction as they support us and our place within the Universe.

This chakra is the seat of the warrior in my eyes. Where we find the courage to live our lives to the fullest. It's where we can access all of the Earth's elements, including air, water, fire, earth, metal, rock, and ether, to help us in life.

When we're disconnected or ungrounded, we can easily become distracted, daydream, or zone out. We may avoid situations that make us uncomfortable or fearful, which can create further imbalances in our lives. This discomfort is a sign that we're ungrounded and have difficulty dealing with day-to-day life situations, stress, and our emotions.

Fear is often a symptom that prevents us from being present in the moment. Sometimes, we are too scared to try new things and be open to new ideas and experiences. Instead, we choose to stay within our comfort zones and protect ourselves from fears that may become even more intense each time we replay them in our minds. Ultimately, this can lead to a state of paralysis, and prevent us from moving forward in life.

Sometimes, being ungrounded can stem from past lives that we haven't healed or cleared up yet. It can also be due to cords that still connect us to past events, which need to be worked out through our karma. These cords can create patterns in our lives, such as repeatedly dating the same type of person who damages our heart chakra. Clearing any cords attached to our past lives can bring that karmic energy to the present and heal the past, allowing us to clear any unfinished karma and embrace our future.

In the Eighth chakra, we can make changes, clear up our past, work on our karma, and begin to understand the vastness of our world. Practicing grounding each morning before starting your day can be highly beneficial. It allows you to operate in a more centered and intentional manner throughout your day. You can notice when or what experiences are knocking you off your center and get back to your groundedness much more readily because you took the time to ground yourself before starting your day. If you wait until the end of the day to ground yourself, you're only clearing out those experiences that you could have experienced from a grounded space.

In conclusion, the Tenth Chakra plays a crucial role in our lives, connecting us to the Earth's energies and allowing us to access our innate tools for handling life's challenges. By grounding ourselves each day, we can operate in a more centered and intentional manner, making it easier to deal with day-to-day situations, stress, and emotions. By clearing any cords attached to our past lives, we can heal the past and embrace our future, making it easier to live our lives to the fullest and with courage. Remember to take some time each day to ground yourself and tap into the power of the Tenth Chakra.


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