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Clairvoyance and Connecting the Dots ~ How the claire's work to create the perfect picture

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

When I was younger, I can recall playing with paperback books full of connect the dots imagery and the joy it would bring when just connecting a few lines would transform the visual images in my mind instantaneously. My curiosity would be heightened, I would be patient, yet full with excitement and once the image could be realized and that “ah-ha” moment came in I was so happy.

Clairvoyance and Connecting the Dots

That is how clairvoyance is for me. It is one of the strongest tools that I utilize today in my day-to-day life, when I am intuitively reading someone and living my best life. The only difference there is no paper in front of me, rather my mind’s eye and multiple screens that circle my head like a crescent moon.

Clairvoyance and Connecting the Dots...Having been a professional artist for over 32 years, constantly had me utilizing clairvoyance when it came to my paintings and my clients. I could see a mural painted in a room long before the paintbrush ever touched the surface. It never mattered how large the mural was. Once I “saw” it on the wall that was it, it was actually complete for me. The painting of the mural was only the process of bringing my site into physical reality for others to see.

All of my life skills have honed my talents of clairvoyance, even learning to let go. By learning not to be attached to any imagery I see and to know it is ever so fleeting my goal is to capture as many still shots I can receive and share them with my clients. In essence it becomes a visual diary for the client to “connect the dots” for themselves.

I am merely the conduit for their subtle energy that they are holding within their body.

Now the other tools that are very strong in me are claircognizance, clairsentience and Clairintellect. Occasionally tapping into clairaudience, clairsalience, clairgustance; usually when there is someone who wants to connect who has previously transitioned from the Earth plane.

Claircognizance is the knowing of all that is, now that is not to say I know everything I don’t. The information just comes to me, whether it is through my guides, the clients guides or I am just receiving a download from the Universal Source Energy (the encyclopedia of all that is and ever was). Sometimes people will ask questions that they are not meant to know the answer to, but many times the information comes through.

Clairsentient is the ability to feel the other. Many times, I work from inside the client’s body (yes, I enter the client’s body on the etheric level) of which I can go into space on the cellular level, the bones, ligaments and facia, the organs to see and feel what is going on if I need to gather information. The funny aspect about this claire is that I never know when I dive deep in or if I am observing clairsentience from outside of the body. Clients inform me that they actually feel me in their bodies and feel when I pop out (this is someone very aware of their physical form), but the client gets the gist. I have seen stints, pins, metal holding together broken bones and incisions from previous surgery that still are holding onto the injury of the occurrence. I like to heal the remaining residue and fill the space with healing energy.

Clairintellect for myself is gathering all the data practically instantaneously in order to have an understanding how all these dots interconnect to create a clear picture for my client. Through sharing this knowledge, the client can receive the information audibly or I download it into their system, providing them a better understanding of what they needed to hear, clear, feel, sense at that particular moment in a session.

When two, three or four claires are combined together simultaneously that is when the clear reading is truly definitive and the client receives the information, they need to hear in their present moment so that they can make the changes they need within their present life situation.

Clairsalience which is clear smelling, clairgustance is clear tasting and clairaudience that is about clear hearing are very interesting because, I can actually smell for example the soil of an ancestor as their feet walked on the dirt near their hand molded home, or the musty sent of a room as I enter it within my mind’s eye.

The same holds true for hearing ancestors, singing. I had a very clear song being sung by a grandfather who was a farmer and he would sing the same lyrics as he worked, to distract him from the hard life of farming.

Clear tasting is usually when there are heavy metals in someone’s body that comes through as I am cleansing them or the ancestral energy has someone cooking, I am a foodie and love to taste when a gift is given to me from the etheric.

All in all, the intuitive/psychic work however you wish to see it or express it still feels like I am connecting the dots. Each client has their own book of dot-to-dot pages that they bring with them and that bliss of sharing that pure pleasure with the client is similar to drawing in the lines in order to create the form; to aid in completion of the over picture.

Do you have a particular gift? We all have the ability to work with the claire’s through practice and training. Just think about it for a moment. What is your skill? What are you good at?

Have you predicted something? knew it was going to happen? That’s the start!

Acknowledge it, do not fear it. Rather open up to it! It is an essence of who you are!

Begin to trust your intuition and follow it!


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