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Ditch the Heartbreak and work on SELF LOVE!

Why do broken hearts hurt so much that we are not even open to meeting someone new, having a new experience with another or healing ourselves from the heart break for months and possibly years?

When you are in relationship with someone from the very beginning, realize there are actually 3 of you involved. For simplicity sake, let's call them Mary and Joe. Now two individuals come together, begin a relationship with one another and create the 3rd individual Marjoe. So now you have Mary, Marjoe and Joe. As the relationship progresses the 3rd person Marjoe, goes from kindergarten (the honeymoon phase) and grows just as any human being would, learning how to behave, act, and be through all the steps of growth, sometimes it reaches maturity, other times it is not necessarily so.

Something may happen, whatever that may be that puts a strain on one of the 3 individuals,. The other 2 feel this strain hence "sensing" that something is "wrong". There is a change, something is different. If this strain happens often enough there may be a pulling apart or a tear until one of the individuals, whether it's Mary or Joe (it doesn't really matter who) decides to tear the 3rd individual apart and move in another direction.

The one who experiences, the pulling, the tear, the break is then left with the residual information of not only themselves let say Joe is holding the break, but also of Marjoe. Mary is off feeling free and frolicking about without a care in the world (though she is unconscious that she too should go through a healing of herself).

Joe is left feeling broken, feeling and experiencing the heart break and paint. These feelings can be connected to multiple chakras and energy areas of the aura, that can actually appear damaged when viewing the chakras and the aura.

In the figure above, the first image is an example of a solid and healthy aura. A intuitive person may see "damage" in the form of a hole, break, tear, in the aura from the experience that Joe has just had. The chakra say for example in the heart could be torn, blown out, still contain a cord that is damaged, yet is still connect to Mary. This is the "heart break". The breaking of the energetic cords. These cords maybe located in a number of areas in the body.

Joe will try to process this information if he is healthy himself and get through the pain and work towards healing. He may realize that what occurred was not solely about him. He may begin to reflect on himself and see what happened as if he was viewing the now "experience" outside of himself. Processing the heartbreak. He may reflect on boundaries he may need to work on, communication, whatever the situation may be, but his desire is to heal and eventually when he is ready if he wants to make the decision to date again, when he is healed and whole.

Now say Joe was not able to process any of the information, rather every time he thinks of Mary or Marjoe he becomes angry, sad or depressed; maybe he is reaching to food, alcohol or cigarettes to suppress what he is truly feeling because he is too angry to process the emotions. He is resenting Mary/Marjoe maybe cursing her in his body (not saying the words out load but thinking them over and over like a broken record). This sort of pattern can become a habit to the point that Joe, forgets all about who he is as the human being before Mary entered his life and takes this new Joe on as a sort of new personality.

Do you recall Pig Pen from the Snoopy Gang? The dirt would follow him wherever he would go? It is the same sort of idea only with emotions that have yet to be processed and healed, you drag them throughout your energetic body, rather than letting them go and moving on.

This is where Joe could be putting all this pain, anguish and unclear emotions into his heart creating the heartbreak. The only person that can actually help Joe is Joe. He may choose to one day to "wake up" and break free from all the pain and heal. This way he may have the opportunity to experience being with someone again if he chooses too. Joe could also choose to "stay the same" because of the fear that he has to actually release all the pain that he has gotten familiar with holding in his body. He doesn't have the confidence to break through the fear barrier and move forward into learning and growth. He would prefer to stay stuck where he is because at least he knows what he will keep feeling and experiencing.

Why? Well for the most part all of this leads to the Unknown. Not wanting to take the risk of opening Pandora's Box and healing his space...the pain has become familiar, like a weighted blanket sitting on top of him.

By clearing your Heartbreak rather than expecting and anticipating that it is going to happen again, you can heal yourself on a energetic level. But honestly you awaken once again to loving yourself! Perhaps you can forgive all 3 parties involved in that previous relationship, perhaps you can even show love to one another and continue as friends. That is entirely up to you.

There is no encyclopedia on how to be the perfect person, have the perfect relationship and how to love yourself first and foremost, but we can do our best!

We can live tenaciously, reminding ourselves that this Earth is full with Millions of People! Why on Earth would we allow just "one person" (in what can be a blink of eye compared to our entire lifetime) damage us for the rest of our time here on this Planet?

Release the pain, the heartache, the fear the unknown for YOURSELF first. Relearn to LOVE YOURSELF, however you see fit. Why continue to keep yourself in a pattern or habit that does feed your Spirit and your Soul?

Work with baby steps, say Joe wants to get rid of his belly, quit smoking and eat better in order to feel good about himself. Pick just one item first, doesn't matter the order and do that one thing consistently. Why one item at a time? Because as you heal one you will be reflecting more about who you are, what you truly want in your life and you will not be pushing yourself into self sabotage by doing everything at the same time, you will in essence be "Loving Yourself" by taking it easy. By doing it all, you could have the tendency to become more stressed, give up easily, allowing the monkey mind to redirect your thoughts.

Give it a try, pick one thing and do it wholeheartedly for 21 days. Don't beat yourself up if you flop one day, pick yourself up and forgive yourself and start all over again. Maybe make a note and observe why the flop happened, so you can reflect on Yourself. This is working with Compassion of Self.

I feel like I can go on and on, but I will stop here. Much Love, Tricia

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