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Do you choose a boulder or a pebble?

Be mindful how you speak about yourself and your life. Words are aspects of manifestations, through wishes, dreams, prayers, quotes, even mantras.

The use of words can have us pushing a boulder up the steepest mountain or simplifying an arduous task by instead just picking up a stone.

For example: "I want more money", well you already have it! You are in the wanting of money, not the receiving of money. "I am fighting for my life", well that probably means you are underneath that boulder trying to keep it up there, but you forget you can easily just allow that boulder to go, freeing you from the fight.

Words are so important to your Mock Ups what you are seeking for your life. They connect to every aspect of our lives.

When you are close to that synchronistic point of being, that is when you truly have to be aware, it is as if you opened up genie's lantern and what your think or ask for comes to you like a magnet!

What about trying something new, speaking differently about your current situation, remember everything has energy; money, clothing, your home, your vehicle, your family and friends. If you begin to think in terms of energy rather than matter, a shift will happen.

Give it a try!

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