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Drop Fear and Head for SELF POWER!

You are creating your own reality! BE the master of your thoughts and emotions. When we speak of fear, think in a fearful manner, react to fear we are actually lowering our consciousness.

As we lower our consciousness, we get pulled in deeper and deeper into the fear. Fear then begins to drain your Self Power as you hand it over to lower vibrations. YOU in essence give up an aspect of your TRUE SELF, as you allow it to permeate your thoughts and emotions.

If you "FLIP THE SWITCH" from fear to LOVE, giving ALL (that's right 110%! All that you got!) your attention to LOVE, fear cannot stay, immediately it drops away.

Love is a HIGHER VIBRATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS. By operating from the Inner Love of Self your self love becomes an Etherical Shield that protects YOU!

Remember to just operate from the essence of Unconditional Love and your Higher Self. Combined these two alone will allow you to raise you SELF into Higher Consciousness. Operate from here!

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