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Drop the Haz-mat Suit and go for the Trinity!

This is a sort of summary I read this morning by Dr. Lena Ohlson I am enjoying reading the book The New Human by Mary Rodwell. So much information, testimonials, a must read!

Imagine your body is a trinity mind/body/soul. The body alone cannot function by itself, it needs the other two to live her fully on Earth, to move and grow.

Our mind needs "working space" in order to accomplish things here on Earth, in the 3D world. Our memories and experiences as well as our thoughts live within the energetic soul, all of which is capable of being recalled.

She explains it's like putting on a haz-mat suit before you head down to earth and it is equipped with a memory hard disc that helps you with your tasks, the only thing is you forgot the log in information and can't access your hard disc while on the Earth. That's why we have signs, synchronicity, miracles, they help keep us on track!

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