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"Effective Strategies for Overcoming Triggers and Achieving Personal Growth"

Let’s face it we all get triggered at one point or another. We are after all human beings having an experience with other human beings. These triggers often come from our past experiences, strongholds, stuck patterns, emotional blocks, and more.

Why are we impacted by what others think, say, or do to us? Why do we hold onto it? What is the payoff for holding onto a trigger that causes us a negative outcome?

It all comes down to us trying to protect ourselves from being hurt again, not wanting to drop our guard for fear that someone may see us as vulnerable and use our weaknesses against us in a future experience together.

Whatever the case, this stops us from being our authentic selves. We have our heart walls up (fourth chakra) and our conditions set in our communication space (fifth chakra) as we use our solar plexus to get what we want (third chakra). However, you choose to name it! We are dealing with energetic dysfunction, congestion, and stuck energy similar to a tar pit, now who wants to stay in a tar pit?  We have stuck energy that cannot move freely, because of the guards we have created to prevent being triggered to protect ourselves from the possibility of being hurt ever again. We put it there, we inserted the plug, stopped up the gutter and allowed ourselves to be filled with an experience we had with someone else.

So, my question is this: “Why on Earth would you give one person who is NOT yourself so much POWER over you?”

Just think about that for a moment.

Yes, something happened to you that you perceive hurt you, but that is how you labeled it. Every and any experience provides us the opportunity to get to know ourselves more and learn about who we are on our journey in this life, but because we consider it negative, we hold onto that experience for dear life.

Why? Because we don’t ever want to be hurt again, or maybe we didn’t receive an answer to a question as to why a relationship ended so abruptly, or we fear being too open so we choose to shut out everyone in our life. This is not a solution, because the only person we are hurting is ourselves.

The heart walls we instill in our body restrict us from being our innate selves. I always say better to risk hurt to fall in love with another than to never have the experience of love at all. Through the hurt is the growth, through the triggers we gain a better understanding of who we are and our part in the triggers. Have we created a story for ourselves that keeps us stuck in a fixed belief, a pattern that acts as a veil sitting on top of us, a stronghold through a story that we are just not willing to drop?

Whatever the case may be you are holding on for dear life to what you think you can’t let go, and that is what becomes the trigger. Just because you haven’t looked down to see that the earth is right below your feet to support you keep grasping not realizing how just by letting go, you will land on solid ground.

Don’t avoid the hard conversations with yourself. Take off the backpack, and the suitcase and unpack them! Look at it all, don’t let it define you. Don’t permit it to hold you back from being the best version of yourself. Allow yourself to release the stuck energy. Feel where it sits in your body, what chakra is being affected? If you are not sure exactly what it is, begin the journey of research of yourself, research the location of the body through the emotions, and the chakras, and find a psychic, or someone to balance your chakras, but do it for you!

Most of all you will find that you will have to forgive that person as well as yourself so that you can fully heal. How can you thank that person for the lessons they provided for you? Without them, you would not have stepped into the discomfort found within yourself. Learn to cherish all experiences. Do your best not to label them as good or bad, positive or negative. That is where we ultimately sabotage ourselves through a fixed definition of an experience.

 Something that happened to us on the playground when we were twelve does not need to affect our relationships with others when we are 32 or 56! Let go! Give it a whirl,


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