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Exploring Subtle Energy Bodies: A Beginner's Guide

Suppose we work through our sensory bodies, the physical and etheric bodies, and attempt to allow them to be permeable, hollow, and transparent. In that case, we can sense the subtle energies being given off by everything and everyone that surrounds us. This may sound easier than it truly is. Becoming a hollow tube means that we are not attaching to a particular thought, pattern of thinking, blocks, beliefs, and opinions. We are operating from neutrality through observation.

Subtle Energy Bodies

To sense this energy, imagine yourself as a hollow tube and begin to breathe into this tube, allowing it to fill your entire body from your head, your crown, to below your feet, and sense the pulsations as you move through the body. Notice if your energy moves smoothly through this tube, or if it gets stuck somewhere. Where does it become stuck?

For example, let's pretend it becomes stuck in your third chakra, your solar plexus. You perceive that there is an inability to move beyond your third up into your higher chakras. That is the clue that there is a block of some sort. So rather than using force, begin to go inward and say hello to the front of the third chakra.

Recognize through your higher consciousness what is holding that area of the channel back. Be honest with yourself. We have to remember that this is part of our life path, to have these experiences and learn from them. You may begin to see images or hear some audio feedback quietly coming in.

However, whatever you receive it is unique to you. You may see symbols, and those symbols are there to guide you and aid you as you begin to clean out your channel.

Just pay attention, and validate what you sense in your subtle energy as you sense your third chakra. You can do the same for the back of your third as well, as this area holds your past traumas, past experiences, past lives, as well as another will center.

Get to know yourself on a deeper more intimate level.

This is how you begin to work on your subtle energy - by being honest with yourself. Begin to rinse any residual energy down your tube, allowing the earth to take it and recycle the stuck energy. This will help you provide clarity to your stuck energy.

We all accumulate a lifetime of experiences, many of which become lodged in our chakra system, creating barriers that prevent us from progressing in life. It is essential to embrace change and initiate our own healing in order to release what no longer serves us and move forward.

You might wonder why so many of us choose to remain stuck and overlook the subtle energies around us. The spiritual path is one of the most challenging and simultaneously rewarding journeys for our soul and spirit. The fear of the unknown may seem daunting, but in reality, fear is false energy appearing real. Until we are ready to confront and overcome this fear, we cannot break out of complacency and our comfort zones. Once we begin to break through, we embark on a path of learning, healing, adapting, and growth.

We are meant to evolve, to treat ourselves as the source from which we all originate. We simply need to grant ourselves permission to work through a state of consciousness.


By aligning with our subtle energy and physical body through conscious living, we become more present and aware of the subtleties that surround us.

Give it a try. Once you begin more comfortable with your subtle energy try sensing it in your pets, family and friends, your home, and in nature. Begin to recognize where you begin and where another also begins. Be open to the information and receive the information.



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