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From Calm Waters to the Rapids, Can you ride the waves?

When life becomes tumultuous, we feel like we are being bombarded from every possible angle, that is the time when it is most important to remember your tools and look at your experiences as outside of yourself. Though you may be knee deep in the rapids, can you anticipate what is coming up next and sort of hold on to your spirituality and the tools you have developed through your journey thus far.

We can perceive as if we are in our kayak/raft and consider that to be our “aura” which is providing a protective shell around us as we move through the rapids.

Can we observe the rocks “the obstacles or people or experiences” that are hitting our “aura”, but grateful that we are consciously aware of each and everyone one of them.

The Journey; when it becomes rough is a “Growth Period” in your life, that is when it is more important to:

Observe, Reflect and Witness each and every moment.

Through what we see and perceive, as we look outside of ourselves…meaning it is not happening to us rather it is happening outside of us and our observer is “witnessing” a particular experience, we gain the strength to become neutral to that, stay grounded and present.

The waters will eventually calm, there will be peace again and a new knowledge that will assist us through the rest of our Journey!

Thanks to Daria Sannikova, Kevin Bidwell and Bret Sayles from Pexels

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