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Get out of the Mud and Shine Baby, SHINE!

Thank yourself for showing up for you!

For taking the leap into self-care and love for yourself!

Through energy work you are retraining your bodies (both etheric and physical) as you

Go through change, altering yourself towards a new direction.

When we have imbalances in the body, they are there to let us know that we need to shift and change.

Those imbalances are your warning signs that something needs to happen.

In order to change we have to surrender and let go of the old self.

This is where it gets sticky for many of us.

We are stuck in a pattern, belief or system of living that no longer serves us. It can even feel uncomfortable to actually live the way you are living, but it has become a comfort in the sense that you know what to expect from the day-to-day life. Like that saying goes, “Misery loves Company”.

You have been living in a specific manner that sort of has you in a standstill, you may feel depressed, numb or even desensitized as you have not been living the life you truly came here to live for some time.

Rather, you kept yourself stuck in order to have a false sense of control of your life that is easily predictable, because you have chosen to remain safe and stuck, rather than blossom and embrace the life that is waiting for you. Why would you do this? Usually, it is because of the fear of the unknown or we have gotten stuck in a trauma that has stopped us dead in our tracks.

So, what has to happen? Well, your body, spirit and soul will start begging for a reboot!

In a sense you have to release yourself, so that you can recreate yourself.

Now this is where road blocks will come in for some.

You may not want to face whatever you may be feeling. You know your physical body doesn’t want to heal whatever may be ailing it. So, you resist the change and accept the pain.

The thing is that before this holding ever manifested in the body, it was in your etheric space taking up residence for some time, long enough so that it eventually caused a condition in the physical form.

Whether it is a bad knee, aching back, pinched nerve, the body has been warning you, you just didn’t want to listen. So, the body begins to yell, kick and scream.

The decision then comes, do you stay just as you are? Stuck in the mud puddle you have created around you or do you decide to move forward?

This comes with many emotions: anger, rage, helplessness, vulnerability, doubt and much more, but you know deep down that something has to shift. You can try to deny everything you are feeling, but it keeps getting louder. This can turn those emotions for some into a raging volcano that starts to touch the people around you.

Your family, friends, co-workers will start to avoid you as your pain body swells out into the ether that surrounds you. You are left alone to face the consequences of your actions when you wake up and see that every one is avoiding you just as you have been avoiding yourself.

Now that you have run everyone out of Dodge and you are stuck only with your one and only, you will start facing the feelings of guilt, sorrow, loss, judgements of yourself and others, as the poor me record begins to play steadily in the background.

You begin to wish you had done things differently.

This is the pivotal point when you hit the lowest low, when you start saying it can’t get any worse than this. You have lowered your frequency of the Human Energy Field and have fallen into a deep depressed state. Not seeing any way out as our system begins to shut down.

This is the moment of shifting the energy, drop all the blocks and strongholds that have kept you here for what feels like eternity and let go of everything, so you can move towards growth.

We have to give ourselves permission to grow and the space to heal by allowing ourselves to feel what we are truly feeling, deep down into the seat of our soul.

What you were once resistant to you has to be dropped in order to rid yourself of the dis-ease.

It will feel as if you are falling into a mourning period as you release what you once held so dear in order to change. This mourning period has to happen in order to move into that new aspect of self.

Through acceptance alone we give ourselves space for a rebirth to occur. It is a time where we are getting to know ourselves as an old friend, we knew decades ago.

You move into stillness, this time going inward not out of stagnation, but instead to get to know the spirit and soul that lies deep within you. You may begin to move into a new way of acting, being and doing. You may become inspired to read more, create, experience everything in a new way like a child does.

As you reintroduce yourself to you, slowly or perhaps instantly you will drop that old self, like shedding a skin. As you transform you will start to see things from a new perspective.

You may change all together in the sense that you start to love your physical body by giving it what it needs in order to support the spirit and soul within you. You may decide to change the location or place you live in, you may make new friends who support you on your journey, a new career, whatever the case may be, the changes take place in order to make room for a new self!

By dropping old patterns and making room for the new, you give yourself permission to live, express, experience and feel. All the baggage you have been holding just falls away allowing the new individual to shine as you keep giving yourself permission to start a new!

You realize that a feeling, thought or emotion are just that. They don’t last forever; they come and go like the breeze on your skin. You wake up into the fullness that this life, right here and now, well you chose to participate in this! You chose to fall in order to know the experience of getting up.

It is the decisions that you and only you made that allow you to begin to live in your own truth and move through your life with more love than you could have ever imagined.

Each day is a blessing, an awakening, a gift, the ability to feel, express and be within the fullness of your SELF.

That is life! Every second of every day has something within it to cherish. Find the gifts, ask for the signs, know you are on the right path.

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