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Gobstoppers and Wounding...Say What!?

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

What is an energetic wound?

I see our wounds similar to those huge gobstoppers, you know they were bigger than your mouth and hard as a rock and it felt life forever taking away the first layer of that hardened candied shell!

Like literally, you would pull it out of your mouth seeing how far you’ve gotten, only to realize you haven’t even penetrated that colorful candy layer!

Persistent as we are, we keep going inspecting the various layers of the this hard dense candy trying to break into it, but you just couldn’t do it. Finally, you would break through the white hardened layer, thanks to your persistence getting to the softer layers that sat within that hardened candied shell.

Some would be sweet, others may be tart, still others sour. After hours and hours of sucking on this solid ball of sugar you would finally arrive at the soft and rewarding center, even if it took days your persistence paid off!

Now you may be like Tricia, what the heck does a gobstopper have to do with a wound, well…thanks for asking! This layered affect is very similar to how a wound is developed

We just tend to work with our wounds in reverse.

A wound is created by something that has happened to us previously.

It is soft because it is sensitive, raw and hurts for the most part (usually affecting a chakra), so due to worry of activating that wound once again we fear (false energy appearing real) it, we start to build various layers as a membrane around the wound, in hopes of not becoming lit up, triggered, jumping out of your body.

So, we begin to harden ourselves in order to defend, protect. As we walk through this life of ours with the gobstopper close at hand, we keep adding to this candy shell until it is practically impenetrable.

What have we done in the mean time?

We have hardened ourselves literally, at the same time we are trying to protect ourselves, our soft center, but now the shell is so hard it feels like there is a boulder stuck gobstopper that can make the Guinness Book of Worlds Records stuck somewhere within our space. It blocks our energy, keeps building additional layers each and every time we get lit up or triggered.

We may begin to wrestle with an aspect of our chakra system (aka ourselves), as if we have a frog in our throat, our shoulder blades are locked up, wherever it sits this wound in your body correlates it to your chakra system. It may stop a chakra from spinning fully, show itself as a tear, a darkened color, but stops us from being the fullest aspect of ourself.

But what have we done to ourselves our being?

We have closed down an aspect of ourselves and built layers upon layers of protection around this wound, rather than facing it head on, acknowledging it and letting it go, cleaning it up!

Just as our gobstopper analogy; the wound is in essence much smaller than the protective layers around it.

It is soft, chewy and malleable.

We have chosen to inflate the initial wound so much so that it has expanded making it feel that it is impossible to get to the root cause or the reward center. This is where the work comes in! Having to penetrate all the layers now that we built around the wound, we have to crack open the gobstopper of all gobstoppers feeling the triggers and tasting the sour, the sweet and tart layers and make our way once again to the softened center.

For the most part when we make it to the center we begin to realize; wait that wasn’t so bad, it may not even appear how we remember it to be and begin to wonder why it even affected us in the first place.

By breaking through the hard layers we can clean up the wounding so that we can heal and move forward on our journey

That doesn’t mean the trigger or lighting up will not come back, you may or shall I say you will actually see or have a similar experience once again, but now rather than adding hard layers around what now is healed you will see it, experience it, become aware of it with a sense of knowingness that it is a familiar experience, but it is not the same experience. You can see the learning and growth you have gone through.

You may say to yourself, “I can see why in my past this would have triggered me, but I am stronger now and have the ability to handle this situation…”

The good news is that you stop becoming a gobstopper manufacturing company and move forward on your healing journey!

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